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  1. Of course I should, but since I paid 220 euros and they wanted me to do very specific tests which I would have not probably done normally, I’d like to know the results for my references. That’s it. 😊
  2. Yes, I had my medical appointment the day before they interview and they gave the results straight to the consulate. So, if I needed treatment for something, they wouldn’t even let me know?
  3. Hi all! I had my interview this morning at the Consulate in Naples and they approved my visa request. Yay! I have got a question. Is it possible to have the results of my medical appointment? How do I know everything went ok? I am a bit paranoid when it comes to health so I’d like to know I have no issues. I thought the medical appointment had be passed completely to have an approval but then I read stuff about class a and b IV. Can someone please clarify? Also, I was not given a sealed envelope which wasn’t even mentioned. I was only given an open one with a form, a receipt, and the cd of my chest X-ray. Is it normal? Thanks for any possible help.
  4. Are you aware of the documents you need to take to the interview? If you want, I can send you the list.
  5. It will only take max 2 weeks here in Italy. I finally received the letter of when the the I-130 was approved. Rome approved it in on June 11th and Naples consulate (NVC) sent me an e-mail on June 21st with the case number. Count more or less 10 days from the date they said it was approved.
  6. Perfect! I am planning on going in September on my own since my husband is deployed. Definitely call Rome now saying you want to expedite. They might ask you for your new orders. Just explain (as my husband did) that you do not get your new order until a few weeks before you pcs, but your Italy orders state that you can be stationed in Italy for x months and you need to leave soon. Also, where you guys going? I have no clue where we are going. They are not going to tell us until August and I am having issues with the DS 260 form which requires me to specify a permanent address in the States where I will be staying.
  7. Yes, I only received an approval notification from Naples with my case number and instructions for the interview. You won't be able to speak to Naples over the phone - at least I could not make it. However, you can send them an e-mail and they reply withing 3 working days.
  8. Rome consulate is available for telephone enquiries from 8:30 am until 12:30 pm (Italy time). The number is 06 46 74 21 90. Press 1 and then 2 to speak with an attendant.
  9. I personally don't think it's going to be an issue. The visa office on base that helped us filing the petition did not mention that as a possible issue. If you don't mind me asking, what's your rank in the military?
  10. We might consider a friend since he does not have a family. Is it possible to change the address later on (before entering the States)? Thank you.
  11. We are not that lucky He pretty much doesn't have a family. So.... we can't use that option. I am assuming a friend would be fine even if this person does not necessarily live nearby our next stations. What do you think? Thank your for answering.
  12. Hi everyone, I-130 was approved by Rome. My husband filed the petition directly to the Italian consulate since he is stationed here in Italy (I am an Italian national). I need to fill out form DS 260 online, which, I am assuming, is a generic one for several types of visas. I am applying for a CR1 filed directly to the consulate. The form asks to specify a permanent address in the United States where I will be staying at and my green card is going to be sent to. My husband, who's in the USAF, will PCS in January 2020, but we do not know our next station yet. We will be notified of our next destination in August; however, we will not have a permanent specific address until we physically move there. What kind of address should I put? Since we do not know where we are going, we are not able to determine if we have any friends in the area they could receive the green card for me. Also, it appears that the information is compulsory. I cannot switch to other sections of the form without the address. I managed to skip that by putting a random city and zip code and typing 'unknown' on the first address line. I am scared that is going to create issues if my green card is granted. Thank you in advance for any possible help.
  13. Thank you. For future users reading this thread: Naples consulate also confirmed this via e-mail.
  14. Hi, Thanks for your reply. From what I gathered, I need to fill out DS 260 online first. After that, I need to collect my I-184 (filled out by my husband), police certficates and vaccination book, etc. These documents need to be brought physically to the interviews. My question strictly regards the booking system for the interviews. Since the first part of the visa process was so fast (my petition was approved way sooner than I expected), I am trying to 'slow down' the process slightly. Me and my husband are changing station in January 2020 and, since the visa, once issued, is valid for 6 months, I need to have my medical appointment and interview at least in August. Will it be ok if I book it for then or September? Or is it too late? Thank you for any possible help.
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