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  1. Regardless if you are done or he is done, if you think he is using you for greencard you can always report him. Anything else is out of your control.
  2. Case sent to NVC 10/10/19! NVC waiting game is on! #IR5 #anxiousladies 

    1. Andy & Val

      Andy & Val


      It's on!

      Hope everything goes smoothly for you.

    2. IR5momandme


      Thank you! you do the same :)


    3. Andy & Val
  3. This is what I think as well. My aunt used to live in Germany and that what she did. Get a work contract for 1 year then she left before 1 year up because she gets better job offer. She has to pay penalty but not much. Only couple euros
  4. Thank you for your answer! I will definitely look for my case ID. So, the email from NVC, does it comes to your beneficiary or petitioner email? or even both?
  5. Hello, One of the document requirement of visa interview for IR5 is bringing my original birth certificate to my mom's interview. Can we substitute that with certified- translated copy? I have my original with me and my mom has the certified-translated copy. Just wanted to know if I do not have to send my original as I am afraid it could lost in the mail. Thanks!
  6. Wow..you guys dont have a sense of humor. But anyway, thank you to keep commenting on my post. Really appreciate it.
  7. I did not mean to offend you. The threads are getting intense so I just try to ease up a bit. Ofc I do not have millions of dollars of life insurance. If I do have that, I will not put myself in the forum and just let my lawyers deal with it (again, ofc I do not have lawyer. This is just an if)
  8. I do not claim my mom so that she can claim herself if she work and no, I do not claim my siblings either because that is just so much hustle. And yes! Detroit is a lot more expensive than Lansing! Grand Rapids also expensive but not as much as Detroit.
  9. I absolutely agree that there is bias area in the embassy. My friend got her tourist visa last year. No job, no saving account, just working husband as a pilot. Get her visa like the same day. My mom, I do not want to bring her here right away before she agrees and to see how US look like so she applied for tourist visa. Have a house, saving account, children still in Indonesia, apply for her tourist visa and get denied. Twice! in two different years. Maybe because she does not have a job.But again, my friend also do not have a job. So yeah...things are really bias.
  10. It still family of 4. 2 in Indonesia does not cost as much in the US. Just for your information, giving $300 a month can be enough for local people considering that my mom has a house and the only thing that we need to worried is food and school. And no. We do not have debt other than student loan and car payment.
  11. What I mean is when she is in the US. CO is not future teller to know when someone can get sick and possibly use all of the public assistance she can use. I think when they see the medical check up by embassy and find out that my mom healthy should be enough. No more future references.
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