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  1. Yep it's back. However now it says 5 months for wait time and my completion time increased to 6 months (it was 5 months yesterday). oh well. Not very long in comparison still.
  2. I don't have an estimated wait time anymore. I think it means for the next step because it disappeared when they scheduled my biometrics
  3. We did the walkin for the biometrics today. I was worried for a minute that they wouldn't let us because she questioned what we were doing there so early. In the end, she had already stamped our paper before reading the date so that may have been in our favor. We didn't get the appointment letter in the mail yet so I printed it out and they had no trouble accepting it. Our estimated completion time decreased from 7 months to 5 months (Oct 2019). I'm hoping there will be movement on our I751. So far all it has said is received.
  4. For the most part, the completion time is over exaggerated. Sometimes by a lot. My local office is one of the fast ones and some people going through my local office have their oath and citizenship just 2-3 months after they applied. But the estimated time for my office says 7 months. I find it more helpful to look at the recent timelines for my local office to see what to expect and then take an average since there are several factors that could speed up or slow down a case.
  5. Yep us too for the pending I-751. Almost a year now. I'm hoping they are on the ball and transfer our I-751 in time so we can have a combo interview.
  6. Got the bio appt posted to my account this morning- 6/6. We won't be here so we will be doing early walk-in this Thursday. We didn't get our NOA1 until the Friday after it posted so I think the bio appt letter will be the same. I will be printing it out to take with us. I think it should be fine as they just need it to scan the barcode I hope. I will let yall know how it goes. Applied 5/11/19 NOA1 posted to account 5/14/19 NOA1 received in the mail 5/17/19 Bio appt scheduled 5/18/19 Letter posted 5/21/19 Appt given for 9am 6/6/19
  7. Hello. It's a draw really depending on your service center. I think the only one I've heard of having a problem was Indianapolis but there could be others. I've seen many people do early walk-ins and be successful and they don't even ask why. I've heard the afternoon is the best time to go. The only thing I don't know about is the printing part. I really hope so because that's what I have to do. We will leave for vacation this weekend and won't be back until after the appt but I don't think we will get the letter in the mail until Friday. Friday we already have a dentist appt to put on a crown so we have to go Thursday. According to my estimation we should get the biometrics appt letter Friday but you are one day ahead of us so maybe you will get it Thursday. If your mail comes by noon I would wait to see if you get it that day and then go in the afternoon as long as the center isn't too far away from you.
  8. I got that notice yesterday morning also. I'm hoping (and I think it will be) the letter will be posted by Thursday so I can print it out and go before we leave for our trip. Though at this point I may keep the scheduled appt if it is June 14th or later to have more time to study for the civil test. Most timelines for our local office (Tampa) are completed in 3-4 months total. If we go early for the biometrics that may mean the interview would be soon after we get back from our trip leaving little time for study.
  9. Question: Anyone have their biometrics waived for N-400? We submitted our ROC June 2018. We received NOA stating the biometrics had been waived for the ROC about 2 months ago. We submitted the N-400 1 week ago and only received NOA1 but no biometrics scheduled yet. Everyone filing online in my timeline had their biometrics appointment letter posted to their account within the week and their estimated completion time updated then. I noticed this morning that the completion timeline decreased by 4 months (11months down to 7 months) but nothing else changed from Case Received and NOA1 sent. I'm starting to think they might waive the biometrics for the N-400 too but I've never seen anyone have it waived.
  10. Also, I noticed this morning they decreased the estimated time completion from 11 months to 7 months so I guess there is some movement in the case. I'm wondering if the biometrics will not come at all because they just sent us a "Biometrics waived" for the ROC just 2 months ago(it's been a year since we submitted the ROC). I wasn't expecting it to be waived again since everyone has needed one so far in my situation....
  11. I still don't have the biometrics appointment posted. I saw other people say they get turned away if the appointment isnt made before they try to walk in so I guess I will just have to wait but this is really stressing me out! We leave next weekend so I only have one week to get the appointment. I'm certain they will schedule it during our time away so I'm really hoping they post it before next Friday. All information online says to look at letter for information on rescheduling a biometrics appt. I hope I can email from my account as I will not be able to call from overseas...
  12. Having a baby together actually helps your case. I've seen people making comments that when an officer sees a child they say it will be a quick interview. I'm bringing our almost 2 year old with us.
  13. I would send an email or call and ask them. They should transfer the 751 case to the local office but sometimes its missed. If you call their attention to it they can schedule you for the correct interview- for some reason some interviewers can make decisions on 751 and 400 and some only on 400.
  14. Nothing today yet. Hopefully tomorrow....
  15. Ok so according to that timeline I should have it posted to my account by tomorrow. Thanks!! I hope its posted tomorrow and I get it in the mail before we leave. Otherwise I will just have to print it out and take that.
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