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  1. Hi all, Quick question please! My fiance and I are finding it hard to be apart for so long - he is looking at travelling back to England to be with me for a month or two, but he is just about to file our I-129F (he is currently in California). Is there any problems with him filing in the US then coming right back to the UK to spend some more time with me? Thankyou!
  2. Hi all, We are finalising our I-129F petition to send next week - a couple of last questions please! - My fiance (US citizen/petitioner) is currently not working as he just returned to the US after travelling around the UK/Europe with me - he will definately be employed by the time I go for an interview, but his mother and step father are going to be joint sponsors just in case. Previous to this he has not got any gaps in his employment history and neither do I. Will the fact that his last job shows end date JAN 19 (and no current employer) matter at this stage? I understand it's the interview stage that I take either evidence of his support and the parents support? My question really is - as he is currently unemployed, is there a chance our petition would be rejected? - We have travelled together including to Australia but some places don't issue a stamp into your passport anymore... is an eticket suffice? There are a couple of occasions we don't have our boarding passes. Thankyou!!
  3. Hi! We are just about ready to file our K1 and this site has helped us tremendously. A couple of last questions! My fiance (Us Citizen/Petitioner) is moving from California to Idaho next month.. our paperwork is ready, but would you recommend filing in CA or ID? Second question, I am a dual UK and Australian citizen and hold both passports. My Australian passport expires in August, which is after we have filed but I will have a new one issued shortly thereafter. Is there a way to update the information on the filed petition or can this be done at the interview? I'm just worried it will sit on a desk for months as they do and my passport info on the application would likely have expired by then. Thankyou all!
  4. Hi guys, Just a few general questions I am hoping to get some feedback or advice on please? I am a UK (dual Australian) citizen and my partner is a US citizen. My fiance is going to file in the US, and I will be processed from the UK where I live. Our background: we met about 6 months ago, and have seen each other in person several times since. We have photo's, phone records, chats, tickets and friends/family letters to support our application. We also travelled to Australia together so he could meet my family and friends there too. He has now gone back to the US and I am in the UK. - We would like to file next month, I (the beneficiary) have never been out of work but have resigned from my current job a month ago, with my last few days left. I start my new job next week, so the new employee will be my 'current' at the time of filing, but the start date of employment will obviously only show approximately 1 month.... does anyone have any experience on whether this is an issue? Or would you also include the previous employers details also? I have been in the same industry for 19 years, always employed. - My fiance has been travelling, and upon his return to the US, he is moving from California to Idaho which is where we will hopefully settle. Again does the time he has been at his new address have any bearing on the application, as I know he will need to list previous address' also? - As he has just gone back to the US he is currently looking for work and will likely have a job soon, however in case he doesn't at the time of filing, his Mum has agreed to be our Sponsor. While the petition is filed, my fiance will likely obtain employment so can the petition be updated to include this information after it's already been lodged? Thanks in advance, this website and all of your input is really helping us.
  5. Hi all! New to Visa Journey... we are right at the start of the K1 process so exciting times for us! I (beneficiary) live in the UK and will be applying from here, have a British passport and citizenship as well as an Australian passport and citizenship as that is where I was born. I note on the petition form it just asks for the passport information but couldn't see where I might state that I'm also an Australian citizen. Has anyone had an experiences with this? Thanks!
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