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  1. Will i pay the USCIS a fee to file I-129F, Petition for Alien Fiancé(e) after i got a notice of action from the l-130 i filed for my spouse?and also what are the supporting document to file I-129F, Petition for Alien Fiancé(e)
  2. Ive finished filing i-130 for my spouse living in Nigeria,the USCIS mailed me notice of action (form i-797C),my question is,will i pay the USCIS a fee to file I-129f which is next after i paid $535 for I-130 and also the requirement to be submitted with l-129f??

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    2. Sea Leslie

      Sea Leslie

      Yes, I submitted my I-130 in June 2019 and then the I-129F in August 2019. My I-130 was approved in September 2019.

    3. Dejavudeji31


      Form G-1145
      Form I-129F
      Petitioners US Birth Certificate
      Marriage certificate of petitioner and beneficiary
      Divorce decree and certified translation of beneficiary (If applicable)
      One (1) passport photo of the petitioner and One (1) passport photo of beneficiary
      Copy of the Form I-797C (Notice of Action)

      Did you include cover letter to the above papers?

    4. Sea Leslie

      Sea Leslie

      Yes cover letter, and this is what I submitted


      1. NOA1 for I-130 Petition for Alien Relative;

      2. Two (2) photos of the petitioner and two (2) photos of the beneficiary;

      3. Petitioner’s U.S. birth certificate;

      4. Divorce decrees of petitioner;

      5. Marriage certificate of petitioner and beneficiary;

      6. Evidence of bona fide marriage. (Three letters from coworkers)

      7. Pictures from wedding, bachelorette party, and dinner in Jamaica 

      8. G-1145

      9. I-120F

  3. we've been dating up-to two years before she finally came to Nigeria for marriage,we only talk on face time camera before her arrival in Nigeria
  4. Okay thanks, what if she visit me one more time before filing the petition for me?
  5. So it would be Better if she can visit me more? What if I apply for tourist visa that I wanna go visit my wife?
  6. What is the best option for us to do?
  7. Since it happen to be like this,what is the best option we can do?
  8. No one has ever filed petition for me and we are the same age mate, she spent two weeks with me while she was here and I've ever visited the US before,she
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