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  1. For those of you that received notification to pick up your passport. Did you get notification from DHL or the embassy? My fiance got the email below so we are not sure
  2. based on P3, the only originals they ask are the birth certificate. The police report would obviously need to be original but i agree with @ameerazak. Bring all your originals but also make photocopies of them
  3. I do see you are a IR-1/CR-1 applicant. You would not need to fill our AOS if you are. Please clarify for better advice
  4. It's meant to be mailed. I believe all AOS applications are mailed to the Chicago lock box. https://www.uscis.gov/i-485-addresses
  5. we are doing ours about 2 weeks before, but it could also be a week. remember, if you are approved, your 6 months of when you need to be in the US starts after your medical and not when your visa is issued. so its recommended not to get it too early if you intend to be in your country a little bit longer after the interview.
  6. Thank you. What kind of tests do they perform other than getting you up to date with the immunizations
  7. Anyone had their medicals done at Holy Trinity in Accra mind sharing their experience?
  8. you don't need a transit visa if you are flying into the US from accra. Transit visas are country specific and not flight specific. So it doesn't matter what flight you take. so unless you are stopping at any other destinations other than the ones you listed, i would suggest just double checking online if that country needs a transit visa. but if its togo or Cote dIvoire, you do not
  9. I live in Nyc so jfk would have been my point of entry into US soil. but i'm from seattle so he is going there first to meet the folks
  10. I was looking for the last weekend in August/early september but NYC is no longer my point of entry so i haven't looked in a while.
  11. Air Cote divoire has one from accra to nyc for about less than $600 through kayak but if you go to their website that deal isnt available. It has a stop in Abidjan. You can book that one through Kayak and hope it works out. In my experience kayak is pretty reliable. The same fares are also available on justfly but its also a 3rd party website. Just be cautious.
  12. It doesn't really matter if you are a member of ECOWAS. All you need is your valid passport and as you are not leaving the airport, you will not be going through immigration in those locations. So no transit visa necessary
  13. It doesn't have to be a nonstop flight. Most people get the flight that is cheapest and those usually have stops involved.
  14. also, if you should consider doing Direct Consular Filing. Since USCIS does have an office in Accra, your wait time is much shorter than if you were to file from the US
  15. It's honestly not that big of a deal. My passport has come into contact with water on more than one occasion. Just put it out in the Ghana heat and things should be fine. As far as i can recall, the page with all your information is somewhat water proof although i could be lying, but the legibility of that page for me has never been an issue
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