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  1. Hi i know how to compute for it but since i do not know the exact approval date we just trusted the process and the nvc.
  2. Hi. i was denied. My Cspa age was only checked by the consul. The embassy even emailed us before the interview to make sure i bring cenomar. There was no comment during the prescreening. They even let me sign the letter that i should not marry before i enter the states. So i guess NVC really doesnt check it as well. Its sad that they let me go through this far just to inform me im not eligible.
  3. Hi arcel Not yet because of another lab test. We were rescheduled this month. I hope all goes well. 😊
  4. Yes im a derivative child. We are scheduled for an interview.
  5. Hi How long did you receive your schedule for interview from the time you were documentarily qualified?
  6. Hi allien That was quite some time din before you were scheduled. So was your name on the letter of schedule for interview received? I did not know st lukes will need to see the cspa approval letter pa din pala. I hope everything will go smoothly and we will also be approved. Thank you for sharing your experience. At least i have an idea na whats going going to happen when i get there. 😊
  7. Yes.im curious if nvc checks derivative info before adding and letting them to be scheduled for an interview.
  8. How long does petitions under f4 visa(brothers and sisters of us citizens) get approved for applicants in the philippines? Not how long case was pending(waiting time of priority date to become current) but time between petition applied and approved. I am curious to know if there are cases that got approved after 20plus years. Thank you.
  9. Hello allien Im from the phil and a derrivative applicant of a f4 visa. We are still waiting for our interview schedule. I just want to know how long did it take for your mom's visa to get approved? I just want to make sure that i am cspa approved because we dont know the case approval date and the petitioner, my aunt is also not sure. We just received the welcome letter last feb 2019. I just want to know if there are cases that reached 20plus years to be approved or was it just pending after several years. I am already 28 years old and my aunt petitioned us 21 years ago. My name was on the ceac. Paid the fees and my documents were reviewed and received. Thanks
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