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  1. If you use a 3 ring binder with every document/photo etc in its own protective 3 hole punched sheet then you take out whatever it is they are interested in seeing vs trying to slide a whole binder under a glass window. I think thats what most people do. Its very convenient and organized. It will also protect the very important documents from damage. Hope this tip is helpful. Good luck to you. 😉
  2. I'm sure hell be approved. Sounds all good to me. Basic easy 4 questions shows they werent suspicious of your relationship not being legit. Congrats 😉 I hope our interview goes as smooth.
  3. YAY I'm NOA2 June 20th so I should be hearing something anyday hopefully. I just called Yesterday morning and they hadn't received it yet ;-(
  4. Our NOA2 are around the same date. Mines June 20th. I literally just go off the phone with them and they still haven't received it ;-(. Oh well hopefully soon for both of us.
  5. Am I correct in saying I have to wait to update my email address with NVC as per the PDF until I receive the actual approval letter in the mail in order to have the NOA2 receipt #? Or is there somewhere else I can obtain that number? I am approved on the old site but the new site still says RFE received and I haven't received an email or anything else with a receipt # on it.
  6. So I clicked the link and its to send a question to NVC. Do I feel it out and leave the question blank to update my email address? Or do I click something else on this page to do this?
  7. Thanks yes that's what I was just telling my friends. One hurdle down. But I heard from here it moves fast.
  8. I'm still waiting ;-( day 18. It was just for a signed divorce decree from 1996. I don't know whats taking so long. Its making me nervous. Congrats. I cant wait for mine to be approved already so I can move forward. This whole process is brutal and nerve wrecking. Ok so literally after writing this I checked and it says we were approved today OMG. What a great start t my wknd. I'm beyond happy.
  9. Heres their number in case you still didn't have it. Have you called them yet to check the status? U.S. Embassy in Santo Domingo Av. Republica de Colombia # 57 Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic Phone: (809) 567-7775
  10. What about when its the same Embassy? Several people in my group for the Dominican Embassy got approved and their visas in days and this petitioner has been in AP since May 8th. Makes me wonder why and whats the reason. Specially if they aren't even asking for any additional information or evidence and were told they were approved. But I guess we'll never know what goes on behind closed doors. Who knows could just be human error before they catch it and correct it.
  11. Why do some cases get approved and visas literally issued in 4 days and others get approved but then are in AP for months? Whats the reason? Does it mean the are doing more investigating or background checks or that something is wrong? I'm just curious. Hope this isn't the case for us when the time comes. I'm still waiting on my NOA2 on day 17 since they received my RFE.
  12. You don't have to translate anything in Spanish for the Embassy. All Embassies take English and the native language of that country. So for us Spanish or English is fine.
  13. Thanks I appreciate it. :-) Ill be glad when its all said and done. The stress of it all is rough to say the least.
  14. Yes I did disclose my 2 prior marriages. Theres a few good reasons I side loaded my RFE. In my case although the RFE is delaying everything under my particular circumstances I'm glad I had the opportunity to send in additional evidence. I know it wont make a difference to USCIS but I did it for the embassy to see before our interview.
  15. My RFE response was also received June 4th. I'm anxiously awaiting the NOA2 and counting the days. If I don't hear anything by the 2 wk mark then I will call. Mine was for a signed divorce decree for myself. The one I sent in was missing the last page. I side loaded more screen shots of calls, video calls and msgs. I also included my other divorce decree even though they didn't mention it in the RFE letter because I noticed it wasn't signed either. Just in case trying to be proactive as not to get a 2nd RFE even though I've read they are rare.
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