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  1. Just had our interview in the DR Oct 7th and they looked at nothing. But I still recommend you go prepared. You may be in the 10% of people they actually want to look at your binder but 90% of the time they don't look or ask for anything at that Embassy. Good luck.
  2. So I have a question. If we have 90 days to get married how does that play into when you have to file for the AOS? What if we got married a few days before the 90 days is up. How long does that give us to file the AOS and not be out of status? Does the AOS have to be filed 90 days after he enter the US. I'm confused.
  3. Wow thanks for posting this. I live in Phoenix to. I will for sure file on time after reading this.
  4. Definitely disclose it at your medical appt. They will test you for it regardless and if you dont disclose it they will think you are not being treated for it which will only delay your process significantly. If you disclose it and are being treated for it you will not have any issues.
  5. SMACEM2019

    after noa2

    I didn't wait. I filled mine out as soon as I got the NOA2 and it worked out fine. Good Luck.
  6. I have been divorced twice. I sent both divorce decrees with my original application but apparently one wasn't signed by the judge so I cfor an RFE for a signed copy. I got certified copies of both divorce decrees just to be safe. Copies are fine.
  7. It means to send all your evidence with your initial application verses sending the bare minimum and waiting to bring all your evidence to the interview.
  8. At some embassies its encouraged. The DR wants them there. Some embassies went let them in but its still a good idea for them to be close by.
  9. I know these are 2 common concerns about getting approved for K1. So I'm the US petitioner F/48 and my fiance is M/23. We met Aug 2018. I went to the DR to meet him in person once end of Dec 2018 and stayed till beginning of Jan 2019. Applied In Feb 2019. I didn't go back to see him again until now for the interview. We planned it that way. I was so worried about the large age gap, specially me being the older one and female. Also the fact that I only went once to meet him in person. I front loaded my application heavily also side loaded it when I got an RFE. I sent in extra evidence from the months that had past since I had sent the application in. I was asked more questions then my fiance. Most of the questions were pretty basic. I was surprised we weren't asked more detailed questions to prove a bonafide relationship. That tells me that the front and side loading helped them determine our relationship was real and there were no doubts about that aspect. Last question was as follows " The next question might be an uncomfortable question" I'm thinking he was going to ask the last time we had sex or about having kids. But he said 'you have a very large age gap of 25 yrs does this bother you at all?" My response came quick " No not at all. I was married for 18yrs to a man my age and he still cheated on me and we divorced so age doesn't matter. No one knows what the future holds or how long we have to live. Theres no guarantees in life. I just want to be happy" and he said ok well congratulations your visa is approved and it will be ready in 2 wks. He didnt ask to see any of my binder which didn't surprise me. Also side note right after the interview started he said how many times have you been married and I said 2 he then said sorry maam but I only have 1 of your divorce decrees. Which is impossible because I sent both of them twice. Once with the original application and again when they sent me an RFE for one cause it wasnt signed. So I sent both in again just to be on the safe side certified copies. As he started to close our file I said dont worry sir. I carne prepared and took it out of my binder and slid it to him he glanced at it for 3 secs and gave it back to me. In my mind im thinking if he needed it why wouldn't he take a copy or keep it to complete my file. I have my theories but at the end of the day we got approved so it is what it is. My recommendations are to front load and if given the opportunity to side load cause some embassies don't look at anything else you bring to the interview. Also so important the petitioner be at the interview. I'm certain we would have been denied if I wasn't there at the very least he would have been put in AP and requested the divorce decree I already sent them twice and am certain they had in that file somewhere. Lastly even though they won't look at anything at the interview still bring everything better to have it and not need it then need it and not have it. Hope this helps anyone reading this and gives you hope. 😊
  10. Thanks for the clarification. I was confused. I'm not at that point yet but just trying to be prepared. lol
  11. I'm confused about this. It states "While nonimmigrants are not required to submit a Form I-944, there will be a new question on both Forms I-129 and I-539 about receipt of public benefits as a nonimmigrant as of the date of filing and through adjudication." So for AOS of K1 visa isn't that nonimmigrant? So anyone applying for AOS after marriage on a K1 visa doesnt have to fill out a I-944 form?
  12. For what its worth I'm in a whatsapp DR group chat with many individuals that have already gone through the interview process in the DR and approved and didn't have to provide any proof they have never been married except verbally after they swear to tell the truth. My interview is coming up soon so I was worrying cause my fiance has never been married and we dont have any document saying hes never been married.
  13. I got an email yesterday at 1130am that mine was shipped to the embassy. They are on their A game. lol
  14. You can change the contact name on whatsapp and then print out the msg logs. The contact name you had before wont even show only the current name you have that contact saved as. I know cause I had to do that myself. Im not familiar with Zalo but should be the same process. Hope this helps.
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