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  1. Just got that same answer on the 24th. Guess we can just be patient! In my experience with USCIS, something mailed usually takes a week or slightly more to arrive. Well, we just had our interview on August 6th and it was very short - like 10 minutes maybe?
  2. Hey everyone, this thursday three weeks ago I had my interview and everything went great; about a week later I got the approval letter that said I should receive my GC within 3 weeks. I know I still have about a week or so to go before that threshold is reached, but I was just wondering how long it took for you guys - I am sure the pandemic does not make it any easier on an already overloaded government. Thanks! (cant wait to finally update my profile on here with all the relevant information from the past two years lol) Regards
  3. He just took the lease and our pictures and without even really looking at them said that's all he needs, your documents are complete, you guys are good to go.
  4. Yes. Just got done with the interview. He went over all the basic questions again (are you a criminal etc.), We gave him the lease and pictures of us and the wedding. He asked when we got married and I accidentally gave him the wrong date (thought he asked for the celebration, not the actual certificate date). Asked how we met and we told him the whole story. He said "awesome I gotta Google this app" and then after we gave him everything he was like "Well, I got everything I need. Let me escort you guys back and you're good" he didn't even take a look at our birth certificates.
  5. We did discuss adding me to her health plan, but just did not get around to it yet. I hope we will be fine though. We are leaving in like a hour and I will update once its done
  6. Thanks! I heard that most of the time, they aren't quite as strict in the AOS interview because they mostly understand that coming here, moving cross countries and often continents etc. means you won't have much in both your names anytime soon. Let's hope!
  7. Actually, I was just able to create a new account with texting a code. However, the 2019 tax return isnt showing up on there yet. Probably because of the delayed deadline. Good thing I checked, though. Thanks!
  8. Well we tried some login data and apparently she did make the account a while ago but never activated it. It says she indicated when creating it to have an activation code sent, but I suppose she either didn't get it or didn't activate it back then. I can't see a way to change that method at the moment.
  9. Thanks for the help! Seems my wife doesn't have an online account though and it takes up to 10 days to receive an activation code. I guess I should've thought of this sooner. Reading other people's experiences though I think we'll be fine. When it comes to remove conditions, we'll have much more evidence either way. Thank you
  10. We did this year, but we didn't file ourselves and the tax person she uses hasn't gotten back to us yet since the deadline was pushed, so we can't use it as evidence either. Last year I wasn't immigrating until May, so she was already done filing taxes by the time I came.
  11. Hi guys, my AOS interview is tomorrow and we tried our best to have as much evidence as possible, but I feel like it is not enough. The only real proof that we have of living together is the joint lease, but because of the virus and some unfortunate timing, I have not yet obtained a drivers license (will later this year) and we dont have much other financial evidence to show off. We dont have a joint bank account yet, but were planning to make one soon, and other than the lease, we dont have our names on anything together. We have our separate phone plans, for example. Will I get into trouble? We have tons of pictures from the marriage and recent years, our marriage certificate and can talk about our relationship in extreme detail. Will it be enough? Thanks for the help! Regards
  12. March 18th; two days before that, everything closed. Just got a new appointment today for August 6th. You should hear from them soon I am sure!
  13. Last wednesday my status also changed to them scheduling a new interview date. Hoping to get the notice soon and I hope it wont be too late by the time I get it haha. But it is usually more than a month out (it was in March for me before it was cancelled), so I hope it is the same now.
  14. Hi guys, finally, last wednesday the status updated that a new interview was given to us. Hope this may be helpful to anyone still waiting. How long does it usually take to get the interview notice? I dont remember how long it took last time, but since I am not sure what date they rescheduled the interview for, I dont want to miss it haha. Good luck everyone!
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