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  1. Hi everyone, we were approved on friday, wanting to plan ahead for the aos. is there a list of documents you recommend bringing with me to the US? Anything specific from my university or job etc? Wanna be as prepared as possible for the aos Thanks
  2. Thanks for the reply, glad to hear it was a painless experience. One more question, for the i134 stuff can you remember if they asked for the w2's? We have tax transcripts, pay stubs and employment verification letters for both sponsors but not all the w2's, thats my only real worry at this point
  3. Thats great news, so happy for you. What did they ask for? And what qiestions were asked? Thanks in advance
  4. Hello, we are using a joint sponsor (my fiancees sister) just to be safe, as my fiance has only been at her current job since april. Both earn over the minimum required, however the joint sponsor has been at her job for over a year and earns considerably more than the minimum and is therefore arguably a better sponsor. I was wondering, when they ask for the i134 at the interview, should i hand them both over and say we are using a joint sponsor, or just hand my fiancees and see what they say, then if required, give the joint sponsors as well?
  5. Just realised i didnt mention in my original post that during those 9 months i came back to england for a few weeks over the christmas break. Do you think that means i didnt reside there for over 6months, as there was a break inbetween, even though i still had a dorm room with all my stuff still there?
  6. Hi, what did you end up doing in the end? Did you check the box for "i intend" then write "N/A k1 visa"?
  7. Photographs being the US passport photos or something else?
  8. Yes youve been a great help, ill be sure to add a timeline soon
  9. Apologies, this is for the k1 visa, so the most recent tax return transcript from the IRS on its own is enough for the i134 affidavit of support? (With employment letter and pay stubs) Meaning we wouldnt need w2s? Id read some posts of people saying to take the tax transcripts as well as w2s however they were from years ago.
  10. hello, when filling out the "length of stay" for the "have you ever been to the US?" question on the ds160, do you need to be exact? you can only select day/week/month, meaning if i was there for 4 months and 20days (excluding the end date), i could choose either 4 months or 5 months, or the amount of days which is 141. Should i therefore choose the days options to be completely accurate or just go with months and choose whichever is closer i.e. 5 months?
  11. It is considered an "exchange visitor visa" which makes things confusing.
  12. hi all, so i studied in the US from august 10th 2015 up until may 27th 2016 on the student visa (j1 i think its called) . The question on the ds160 asks if i resided in any country for 6 months or longer. I thought i should answer yes as i was there for approx 9 months, however as it was always going to be a temporary stay (not exceeding the permitted time i was allowed to stay) i therefore always knew it wasnt permanent. should i still answer yes?
  13. Thanks for the info. Thats all fine but i have a couple questions. Should it say form ds3025 on the form? And on the right side theres a few boxes left blank for "measles mumps and rubella" however they did check a box and add some dates. Is that okay?
  14. Heading to the medical now- is there anything i need to make sure i dont leave there without? Anything specific that i will need at a later point for the aos?
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