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  1. Hello all, Recently my fiancee has obtained a J1 Waiver from the USCIS based on No Objection. She is about to apply for a K1 Visa based on my approved petition. How does she use her waiver to prove that she is no longer subject to the 2 year requirement? Does she just bring it with her to the interview? Upload it with the DS-160 application? Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks.
  2. Bumping this again. Does anybody know the correct procedure for showing the embassy that you have a J1 Waiver? My fiance has obtained her waiver from USCIS and my I-129F petition has been approved. Soon it will arrive at her consulate and we want to know how to proceed.
  3. Ok thank you. Does anybody have any input about what to do with the J1 Waiver? Thank you.
  4. It shouldn't be too bad if they just need a photo. I had a similarly minor RFE and I got approved 2 weeks after sending the documents in.
  5. Hello, Last year my fiance lived in the US on a J1 Visa. She was subject to the 2 year home residency requirement. She has since applied for the waiver and gotten approved. Does she just bring this with her to her K1 visa interview? Also, since she lived in the US for one year, does that mean she needs to get a police certificate from the US as well? Or just other countries she's resided in? Thanks!
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