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  1. Stay 1 month or 3 week I don't think it will make any difference ,if we make stay on DS160 two weeks or 3 weeks if they are suspicious about immigration intent nothing can chnage it my question is on DS160 we cannot show ties in Pakistan we can proof with supporting docs which they never check or ask for and say sorry means that they make thier mind on DS160 which is just basic information related applicants only details and if anyone spsonsirng thier visit. Unless supporting docs are not seen how can intent or ties of the person be judged
  2. Correct that's what I am thinking
  3. And then Traveled on IR1 CR1 got green card and then got citizenship ,
  4. Got married in Pakistan Got IR1 CR1
  5. 60 years age 1 month only Yes right
  6. So what should be shown in terms of ties here or there
  7. Property docs , unmarried kids , husband, job letter and 2 kids here in US with blue passports And we had put our information as well nothing even looked or asked for ,
  8. Almost everyone went in with her in line and came out we spoke to said the same and also in Pakistan consulate it’s same section for visit and immigration
  9. That is what I meant mostly non immigrant visitors visas rejected but only person got visa which was immigration based and i know it has nothing to do With it what I am saying is most people were rejected today who applied for visitor and they gave same slips to everyone how can intent of someone be checked without checking and supporting any docs and asking nothing just name of sponsor nd where you’ll be going , we showed sufficient ties to the country and also Had sufficient supporting docs to show ties here nothing checked or asked
  10. Hello Everyone I Applied for my mother visitor visa she went prepared with all the documents in the interview they just asked name who is calling you where you’ll be staying and that’s it nd gave 214B slip and said sorry visa rejected didn’t check or asked for any document or proof I.e today 29April 2019. And with her almost 50 people approx were there just 1person got the visa which marriage based, everyone else got rejected is the policy of ban is in effect that is why they rejected visas like crazy .. ......??? Anyone with their recent experience
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