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  1. Good day everyone..... Does anyone know if when a i751 waiver is garanted or denied, if it shows on the update in the uscis account or it comes only by mail?
  2. Thank for your update, and hopefully the decision will be a positive one for you... Just pray and believe...
  3. It's hard to say at this point, it's just the wait game to see what the next step will be... I don't understand either, just hoping for the best....
  4. For supporting documents I sent in joint bank account, pictures from wedding and other activities, travel ticket from trip we took overseas, health insurance, car insurance, car title...... during the interview IO asked me what caused the break up with my ex wife, who filed for divorce, if I ever paid my wife to do paperwork for green card, and asked me questions from my i751 packet that was sent in... the additional documents asked of me after the interview was for marriage certificate for my new marriage, birth certificate for my kids and any other supporting documents I have...
  5. My i751 waiver case was transferred to my local office for interview as well... my interview was on April 18 2019, Immigration officer told me that she would send me a letter asking for additional documents. I got that letter on April 21 2019 and sent the documents which they received on April 24th. I'm currently still waiting for a decision. My conditional residency was extended to one year. Then 18 months which would end on August 4th 2019, I made an info pass appointment and got another extension by was of a stamp in my passport for another year....
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