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  1. I am sorry, I should have been more concise. QUESTION: Does Visa Journey provide the proper forms and then follow up on accuracy of the completion of the forms for B1 Domestic worker visa application forms? Secondly.....it seems I can not unlock the K1 category in order to click on the B1 category in the Journey visa site. Need I re-create as a new applicant? Thank you for your reply.
  2. Hello....I am having a bit of difficulty with the Visa Journey site. Seems I clicked the wrong Visa application request K1, now I am stuck with it in my attempt to apply for B1 domestic worker visa. A lil help please. Also...there is quite a bit more paperwork involved for b2 Domestic worker ...does Visa Journey do this?
  3. Yes thank you going thru.....I am for NOW focusing on qualifying her to go to USA with me. IF...later I find it is not possible, I will discuss our options with her.
  4. Ok VNN...Thanks for your honest opinion. I will be consulting a Immigration Atty today .
  5. 3 -4 months is a long time. She is very independent , speaks good English, and no doubt she can find work. Thing is : is hard to find good employment for only 3-4 months. I feel it is not fair to put her in that situation, so I will on the least, try my best to keep her under MY Employment. Thank you
  6. Adlau... please see my response below. Thank you... Ngu...please see my response below...thank you.
  7. Yes, maybe she could, but she is truly a dedicated , honest Caretaker. There is no doubt that she will stay with me in My Employee and return with me after our 3 month stay. ( Also she loves her Family and is very dedicated to being there for her Elderly Mother.) My Caretaker is an Akaie Mountain lady, and was not raised learning city ways. To this day, her Mother only knows the Akaie native tongue and speaks very little Thai. Will do Boiler....thank you.
  8. My caretaker worked 2 jobs prior while living with her Mom prior to meeting me. ( She her brother and 2 sisters support their elderly Mother.) It is very difficult in USA to find a good hearted , dedicated Caretaker , especially live in. Also, it is a question of loyalty to my present dedicated Caretaker . She has stood by me, and thus, I will stand by her and not put her in the position to go out in the work world and start over. Thank you....
  9. I have been depositing her salary in her bank account for over a year. ( easy to prove) Previously she was living with her elderly Mother in her Mothers home. Her Mother still lives there........( is her case getting any stronger? ) Your feedback is much appreciated.......
  10. Thank you Allabout....yes I have read this information, and figured it applies to my circumstances.
  11. Hmmm.....ok understand. Does it help that I have a long term 1 year lease and a retirement visa? Thank you......
  12. Thank you for your reply. However, there is a legal Avenue for a B1 Domestic worker visa for those accompanying USA who returning from abroad to USA for a short time. How difficult is it to obtain this " legal" option.....is the question.
  13. Ahhh I did not know that. Ok B1 Domestic Worker Visa. Thank you for your response.
  14. I am a 68 year old USA citizen retired and living in a 2 bedroom condo in Thailand. ( Retirement Visa ) I have lived in Thailand for a little over a year and want to go visit my Family for 3 months. I am a Veteran and have a 40% disability rating from the USA government. Also I had a heart attack 3 years ago and had a 5 stent heart surgery which puts me in the high risk category. My 36 year old caretaker is a live in dedicated employee of which I have paid monthly for a year. Due to chronic pain and other vulnerabilities I need her assistance. QUESTION: I have researched and have concluded that I need a B1 VISA. I understand certain contractual agreements have to be presented . My concern is: In the process of the Consular determining if she qualifies regarding Stable ties to her home country......will they also be concerned about her being single with an elderly single Man and thus decrease her chances for consideration of the B1 application ?
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