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  1. You are welcome. Thank you. You will get it soon. We'll keep praying.
  2. Hello Nucleus, Thank you very much. I went to the interview and visa has been approved. I will collect my passport and visa on Friday, 24th at 10 AM. My appointement was for 7h45 and I was there at 7h20. They told me to wait until the time. At 7h30, the security checks began and we were in at around 7h45. 1st step, window 1 or 2: a lady (Togolese) asked me for my original documents that were already uploaded on CEAC. She didn't ask for photocopy or my wife docs and AOS docs. She also asked for photos that prove our relationship and a passport photo plus my passport. I told her I have our call logs and conversations. She said she didn't need them and took my fingerprints, then asked me to wait for consular officer call. Step 2, window 3: the consular officer called me by the token. He asked to take oath then took my digital signature (fingerprint of left hand). Then questions : - With which visa your wife went to USA ? - When did you meet ? - Did your wife come to Togo ? When ? - When did you get married ? Where ? - Is it your first marriage ? Is it your wife's first marriage ? Yes for both - Have you a child ? Has she a child ? No for both. Have you already a child together ? - Have you visited the USA ? Answer No - Have you applied for US visa before ? No He insisted then quit the window for a minute. He then asked me to sit and wait for him. After 1h and after serving 3 people, he called me and asked if I have applied for student visa. I said no and he gave me a red paper (the visa receipt) and told me to come on Friday. That's all. The interview process at the embassy here is really without stress. The CO is intimidating but if everything is OK then the visa will be granted. All 4 people that were there before me have their Visa approved. Hope you get your IL soon. Hopefully tomorrow. Good luck to you and your family.
  3. Hello, No, we didn't upgrade our case because it takes them some times to do it after receiving the naturalization certificate, and since we were just waiting for the IL we didn't. I will bring the certificate at the interview and they will upgrade at the embassy. Did you hear from them ? Thank you and good luck too
  4. I've received the letter at 9 am, Lomé time. I am sponsored by my wife and I am the only applicant, visa class is F21 too.
  5. Hello, I've got interview letter on Monday for January 22nd. Hope you too have got yours.
  6. Congratulations ! Yeah you're right. You're from which country ?
  7. Hello, I am also from Togo with PD 10/27/2017. I got DQ on Oct. 24th 2019 and waiting for interview letter. Don't have any idea of waiting time for Lome embassy but I hope we will get IL this month. Since our case is similar, let's keep each other updated. Fingers crossed.
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