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  1. I did not say that - I just meant it the petition would the plastic card as proof but I was wrong. Do not really need to mock me.
  2. It is better to use Phu Thuan, Phu Vang just for some extra clarification. At the end, it may not matter at all as NOA1 and NOA2 will be sent to you and NVC will just send an email to you and her (if her email address is listed in the I-130/I-130A). In additions You can use US address for her mailing address (we used my mother's US address as I travel quite often). Many Vietnamese do not have the house number or even street name, it is quite normal.
  3. Thanks, I was confused not regarding the status but the proof - copy both side of the card, I guess the copy of visa stamp can be use instead.
  4. It was broken while often when I was working on my wife's case (March/April of this year). I assume this issue still happens for awhile.
  5. I hope the luck is on your side. Probably you and your relatives know this: your relative(s) cannot act as the petitioner and do the paperwork for NVC stage until USCIS gives written instruction/permission. This written doc will be very much attached to everything. Otherwise, it will cause willful misrepresentation, resulting in permanent ban on your side and trouble on your relatives'.
  6. 1. Even if your relatives are okay. You will need to make sure UCSIS allows it in written. If the petition just got approved, they may not get notified/realized that your father passed away. 2. CSPA age is a simple calculation but as I listed above - these are needed for that simple calculation.
  7. I agree, this is an issue. However, there may be tiny chance. My friend's grandfather petitioned for his son's family and he was decreased right after the petition got approved. USCIS sent the son a list of docs that he would need to submit to continue process with the deceased petitioner, docs include finding relatives who could submit I-864 to act as sponsor in place of the grandfather. I partially helped them with the paperwork. We were unsure if this was done as favor from US Government for the grandfather's long service for the US Government during Vietnam-US War.
  8. As your father was deceased, the application may get rejected. However, as I understand, USCIS may provide an option for humanitarian reason but there are additional docs required (this happened to one of the families I know when petitioner was deceased before the beneficiaries' visa got issued). Could you confirm if US Government is still okay with your father being deceased? 23 years old may have not been aged out yet with the CSPA age adjustment. To be sure, the following info is needed Priory Date (PD) Petition approved Date Date when PD became current Date DS-260 got submitted In case your child was, in fact, aged out - you must file the petition when you get admitted to US and receive physical Green Card in your hand (I do not think the temporary stamp on Visa can be used for petition).
  9. For the Current Legal Name, I would use the name appears on her K-1 visa which probably does not have Middle Name (1 word for Last Name and 2-3 words for First Name). For Other Names, it does not matter - I would either leave it bank or use the Vietnamese way ( 1 word for Last Name, 1 word for First Name, and 1-2 words for Middle Name).
  10. People may assume that your fiancee is physically present in US but I assume she is not and you are working on supporting evidences. I would suggest you skip this headache and it won't do much if anything at all. And if time and money permit, then attend the interview with your fiancee.
  11. I used I-864 and I had no issue with scanner low's resolution setting (I do not remember what it was but probably 72-96 dpi). You may try the 30 days trial version of Bluebeam® Revu® - it offers the Process feature to reduce the file size (Menu / Document / Process / Reduce File Size)
  12. Both like above but 100% for K-1 (I-134) and 125% for AOS (I-864).
  13. re-scan with the scanner machine it with low resolution settings. Using software may not be able to achieve this without making docs impossible/very hard to read. I was able to get my lower than 2Mb and still well-readable/very clear.
  14. Again, I recommend you withdraw your petition - we know that you can decide not to marry him once he is in US but he can overstay his visa like many illegal immigrants and this may come back to you.
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