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  1. you better wait until you get your case number as you'll need to include it in the form. Only took me 1-2 working days for them to process the vetting though.
  2. yes, have tried to contact USCIS but all thehy say is just to wait until it pass outside of normal processing times which is 120 days before contacting them again. Guess just wait patiently and use the temporary i-551 when needed.
  3. sure, I've been waiting for over 2 months now and yet still to receive it
  4. no, you can track it using your IOE number on USCIS website
  5. been almost 2 months and yet to receive mine.... they work so slow just to print the green card 😓
  6. Thanks for the suggestion, I know it's a bit tricky to get in straight in mid or higher position while you're very new to the country itself. I guess just need to take a step down and start from beginning again is the most logical thing.
  7. that's good to know. I might just walking in if unable to make an appointment and hopefully they'll allow me to take the written test first so as soon as I received my SS card I can book the driving test. Will update how it goes.
  8. Luckily, they do the SS thingy electronically now so one doesn't need to visit SSA office if they opt to do so when filling the DS260 form.
  9. I might contact them directly when I arrived because it can take around 2-3 weeks to receive SSN and in California we can only use foreign license for 10 days after being a resident while in Washington it'll be valid for 30 days.
  10. Been trying to find something on CA DMV web but seems like there're no info regarding my question. I just want to know if I can make an appointment for applying a DL application and taking the written test first while waiting for my SS card to arrive. However, seems like I'll need to wait for my SS card first before I can make any move.
  11. Is it possible to apply a DL in CA straight away while waiting for a SSN card to arrive after POE? or do we need to get the SS card first to apply for a DL? any advice will be appreciated.
  12. I wonder how employers in the US look at highly qualified new residents without any US job experience. Will it hard to get recruited without this?
  13. I'm flying there late november just before thanksgiving. Still got some work to finish down here
  14. just received our passports with visa labels yesterday, they sent it on Friday. I think it took them about 2-3 working days to issued the visa and another 1-2 days to send it back to us.
  15. from what I know if it changed to ready means they're on the final process to issue the visa and all the main admin processing has been done. At least that's what the officer told me on my interview last time that they'll need at least a couple more days to print the visa after approval. So I guess just wait couple more days and hopefully it'll change to issued soon!!
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