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  1. Vermont is one of the slowest service center out there, I don't understand why there, but hopefully it is for good! Good luck to you and all the transferred ...
  2. Yes, it was received by my husband and herself! They sent 2 emails ... I contacted the NVC yesterday because I don't want the interviews to be separated, they indicated the cases were unified but if in 2 weeks they did not send to me the DQ email, I have to sent an inquiry ...
  3. UPDATE!!! DQ for my daughter Uploaded: Jan 8 Accepted: Jan 9 πŸ™πŸŽŠπŸŽ‰ Nothing for me 😩😭 I uploaded mine the same day ... I ask God not to make me wait 4 to 8 weeks for review πŸ˜©πŸ˜­πŸ™
  4. In my daughter's I-130 I put her email, the NVC sent the 6 steps to her and to my husband! I didn't think it would come to her since she is only 11 years old, but thank God they both arrived! πŸ™πŸŽ‰
  5. You should call because I have seen people from day 22 with their case number ...
  6. Finally I got the email from NVC! I still don't know if my husband received my daughter's but I didn't receive it, on Monday I call πŸ™ So Happy πŸ˜πŸŽ‰ Approved NOV 12 NVC received NOV 26 Email Case Creation DIC 28 Santa was late but sure πŸ€£πŸŽ„
  7. Good to have good news from you! I hope you only have to upload the documents only once and get out of that fast πŸ™
  8. I hope so! The snowstorms and holidays have contributed to the long wait ... Thanks and good luck to you!
  9. The NVC has me with a headache ... Nov 26 and still waiting for case number & invoice 😀😑
  10. Hi, NVC is working on the cases that were received by NOV 15, you have to call them, or just wait for an email or physical letter ...
  11. I have a friend that made the fees for her son and has 3 weeks waiting for them to recognize that the payment was made and they say no, she sent evidence by email ... A headache is this process ... I must wait both cases to be able to unify them and only pay 1 affidavit ... In total 770 dollars for my daughter and me my husband has to do!
  12. And they lasted several days without working because of a snowstorm! Yesterday the page updated, I expected to receive it this week but I see no! By the way I already have everything scanned and you? Try to scan everything well so you don't have to go to a second review! The wait time is very frustrating 😩
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