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  1. In minimal occasions they are approved! Some people have requested and have months waiting for answers, but I saw a few days ago a girl who requested and was denied, however her CR1 was approved!! As I read, you must have a good reason to request ...
  2. Search on Google Case Status Online (USCIS), on that page subscribe as a petitioner!
  3. You must create an account in USCIS so you can visualize your case too, sometimes lawyers are distracted in other cases!!! That is additional information, it's best to read and search, on Facebook there are also information groups! My priority date is June 11 and my Notice date (NOA 1) is June 14, Texas!!! My husband received the text message June 17 😊
  4. I don `t believe! California has a lot of cases ... Your priority day is?
  5. California work with CR1, I have a couple of friends there ... Here's an example!!
  6. We dont use lawyers!!! The whole process we are doing alone, in 2016 I had a petition for K1 which I canceled because my fiance was unfaithful, in that process I learned many things! We sent evidence from Sept 2017 that we met to date, receipts for money, calls, visits, stays, photos, gifts, wedding bills, among other things ...
  7. In recent weeks I have seen many cases transferred from California to Potomac, Vermont and Texas!!
  8. There really should not be so many time differences between one office and another! That's crazy ... Good luck!!!
  9. Those IOE are approving them in 3 months! Hopefully, it's your case! But some people have that receipt in Texas, what is your service center? and Notice date?
  10. Congrats! With the first 3 letters we can help you with the Service Center! You must create an account so you follow up on your case!
  11. The complete package and something new that can serves you to demostrate the relationshinp in good faith! Receip of money, calls, another trip, things like that!!! Many times they don's ask for ask for it at other times yes ... At NVC they will ask you to upload the civil and financial documents and payments ...
  12. That would be frustrating! To the interview we must take the same documents that we sent and something new that we can include in the waiting time!!! I'm worried about loading documents in the NVC, each review can take to 4 or 6 weeks, and if there is something that does not look good for them, another month of waiting 😴
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