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  1. I think the scrutinity of the case and complication of the interview very much depends on the nationality. While waiting to be invited in, I saw and talked to few Mexicans and Philipinas who got separated from their husbands during their interviews and who were told to wait outside, and they were very nervous and said the IO did not treat them very well. Don't know what result they got though, mine went fast and we were done before them.
  2. Had my interview Jan 22. Me personally I asked her to stamp passport after approval, she said it is not needed because the card is coming very shortly. But for stamping the passport they never charge anything. That would be weird.
  3. It's so cool that you have joint bank account. We were denied to have that because we did not have SS number. We brought photos 3 albums, lease agreement, cards we sent to each other. Wedding cards too. They made a boring face and did not look at anything and approved just after asking few questions. Probably, they have much more interesting things to do than looking at photos or bills. Kinda...You try, print photos for the IO, write what's going on them, carefully put them in album and IO doesn't want to look. Meanies 🤣
  4. Thank you, yes indeed. But in my humble opinion, adequate and normal country would have stopped "witch hunting" at the step 1. Went to embassy, had interview about visa, proved them you had true love and relationship, they approve you. They issue you visa. Done. No more hassle. No more humiliating questioning and doubting my love for my husband. Would be so perfect.
  5. I got a green card approval notice today in mail. I had my interview on Jan 22.
  6. My case status changed to approved and the approval notice has been sent. Had interview just yesterday
  7. When I check my status, it says Interview was completed and the case must be reviewed. But IO did say it's approved and to expect green card in a week. I'm frustrated if it's good status change or not.
  8. Went for the interview today. It was a separated interview. Right after we went in, they asked me out and interrogated my husband. Then let me back in and asked me the same questions. Then approved and congratulated us. They separated every couple that came for the interviews today.
  9. How to deal with USCIS if never got the notice or missed interview because of their fault? They want to interview me but I am not even notifyied of the date any other way than waiting around for their notice in mail. They ever send emails or texts with that? Regular mail is SO highly unreliable.
  10. But how Missouri can send out interview dates if it is the field office that you go for it and therefore they schedule it?
  11. Can anybody please tell when does the mail with the interview date actually arrives? Status says interview was scheduled since Tuesday, that field office is like 30 mins from us and no mail yet.
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