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  1. Hello , Hope everyone is doing great ! I received an email on January 2nd , all my documents have been accepted and qualified from NVC , I see a lot of people case completed in 9/2019 and 10/2019 and received interview for January& February 2020. My case has been processed with Potomac processing center which from what I hard and seen in others timeline they work pretty fast. I seen in USCIS website states that : 7.5 Months to 9.5 Months U.S. citizen filing for a spouse, parent, or child under 21 April 12, 2019 So does that mean my case should be processed soon since my receipt date from NOA1 is 04/15/2019 ? Any feedback will help. Thank you !
  2. Make a profile at" ustraveldocs or call VAC in Galeria " what are those? Its definitely an ongoing process , but definitely worth it at the end.
  3. Okay so basically everything I submitted. Yes , I just went for three weeks but from the looks of it I guess I have some time to plan it and accrue enough leave to go back. I think I need to at least go for two weeks for the interview ,and if that's not enough time just go back to pick him up later date. The most important step is the approval. When you receive the interview letter , does it include a checklist with information about : medical exam, fingerprints and all that? Sorry to ask so much questions.
  4. Congrats, God is good !!! All the documents you sent online DS 260 you took all the originals ? So Basically how long are you planning to stay there or is your spouse coming back with you ? From what I heard it's best for petitioner to go with benefiary. I just got back from DR Saturday 01/11 and was hoping my husband would be coming back with me from what I see here it takes months before getting an interview.
  5. Hello, I see your interview was January 10th , how did it go ? please any feedback will help my CC date is 01/02/2020 I got a long wait but I'm planning to go with my husband for his interview and just want to know did you get the visa the same day or do you have to return ? how much time they said it would take ? I just want to plan adequate time for the trip to go and come back with my husband.
  6. My case CC 01/02/2020. I just wanted a rough idea because I want to go to my husband interview as well. But I heard the don't give the visa on the same day. By any chance , do you know if it's true ? and if so , how are you planning your trip?
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