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  1. AOS package in transit to sorting facility! Here's to another step in this process! Nervous and excited at the same time!..
  2. I flew with different companies on multiple occasions, including Aeroflot; Turkish and British airlines were the best in my experience.
  3. Omg, I'm so sorry, that is so annoying and terrible and not fair!!!! And now one more thing to be freaking out about in this freaky enough process! Is there any way to make sure that the civil surgeon did not make a mistake? Can they deny to give me a copy of the filled form if I request it?
  4. I am so sorry for you! Glad you can get it off your chest and share it here where there are understanding people. I don't think your partner meant to hurt you; sometimes people say things while having no clue that it hurts to hear. And it is tough for non-immigrants to fully understand what do we compromise to be with the loved ones. My husband had said something before and (luckily) I don't even remember what it was, but it hurt me that moment, and I felt like I will always be a foreigner here, and I will never be viewed as people "from here" are viewed. But it goes away - with the help of lovely beautiful people here too! Adaptation to a new culture takes time. As the paperwork is getting ready, you will get more freedom and independence. It's coming! It's a long run, be patient. I hope you will feel better soon and the process goes smoothly for you!
  5. What did you already provide them as evidence of bona fide marriage that they thought it is not enough?
  6. 1) There is a helpful guideline at the USCIS site showing where to file applications depending on your category: https://www.uscis.gov/i-485-addresses Based on the package you described I believe you are adjusting as US citizen spouse, so you need to file to USCIS Chicago Lockbox For U.S. Postal Service (USPS): USCIS PO Box 805887 Chicago, IL 60680-4120 2) If you don't include a medical exam form with the original package, you will get a courtesy letter to bring the form to the interview. So yes, you can do it later but before the interview (allow yourself enough time because with the tests it can take some time to be complete).
  7. I believe just don't put it if you don't want to have it. If the IO insists, keep it on permanent GC, and then you have an option to remove it when getting US passport. Я тоже буду изо всех сил пытаться не использовать отчество, его нет в моих формах, marriage certificate и SSN карточке! Зачем-то вкорячили на DL...
  8. From what I read/heard, it also has something to do with the funding sources. For F-1, the funding comes from personal or outside funds. For J-1, it's mostly outside funds (grants, etc.). I feel that unless you have dependants who intend to be employed, it is better to get F-1 because of no 2-year rule.
  9. I've read on the other forum that a person got in trouble (=RFE) for sending a self-translated document (since there is a potential for a conflict of interest). Are you sure self-translated documents are okay or it stays up to IO?
  10. It does not really matter when her visa expires. I-20 is a legal document for F-1 status. As long as I-20 is unexpired and she is a full time enrolled student at the university she is fine. And I agree, it is better to start AOS before she loses F-1 status so she does not need to leave the country.
  11. Hello everyone, I am a newbie at VisaJourney, and I get confused every once in a while. My husband and I just started assembling our AOS package, and so I check a lot of other folks' packages descriptions. The thing I noticed is that nobody uses I-864EZ - everybody lists I-864. I get that I-864EZ applies only for a limited amount of cases but is there a reason a person decides NOT to use it - let's say, the officers are just not used to see it so there will be more confusion? My husband will be the sponsor of me only. Any thoughts? Any recommendations to (not) use I-864EZ? Thanks!
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