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  1. Government started tests on bigger scale very, very late, so I believe there are many cases going around that are not caught (as pretty much everywhere). Additionally, there's a lot of "virus non believers" very active on social medial and IRL which sure does not help either. But grechka, salt, sugar etc. are all disappearing from store shelves anyway!
  2. We were told to re-use our N-95s for seven days to work with our research mice, which is also not how it is supposed to be. At least we are wearing respirators to protect mice from us, not us from mice. It's rough for people who have to work with people.
  3. You can't get cases if you don't test 🤷‍♂️
  4. Oh no, IMHO ketchup is a perfectly fine thing to have on pelmeni! Or even better ketchup + mayo mix (I don't like mayo itself but great with ketchup to have with pelmeni). I think pelmeni is not too hard to make at home, just time consuming, so is borsch. My partner is now demanding golubtsi (the stuffed cabbage rolls) since one time the officer in the USCIS office mentioned them
  5. Honestly, it's disgusting. Also, the government is not permitting to hold any protest meetings because of the coronavirus threat.
  6. Noticeably, you prefer to change the subject to something very different from my initial comment
  7. I would definitely never-ever-ever mess with Russian immigration/customs. The risk of falling into deep endless Kafkaesque bureaucracy pit is too high. Really makes US bureaucracy seem nice and chill.
  8. 🙀 What it all has to do with my initial observation that it is funny to put on the same scale communist at any time or nazi 1933-1945? (although eventually answers not treated the same) How did you make it still political? And why? What are you trying to prove?
  9. I think you are using a narrow definition. It also can be referred to people following fascism ideology. https://dictionary.cambridge.org/us/dictionary/english/nazi
  10. Sure they are treated differently as they should I was referring more to the fact that the questions are next to each other and in the same category. It makes the person filling out the forms feel like these questions are equally important even though eventually not treated the same. It's merely amusing; I am not complaining
  11. What I find sorta amusing is how these immigration forms ask if you EVER were a member of a communist party, and then next question whether you associated with nazi from 1933 to 1945. It's never okay to be a commie! But nazi is okay after 1945.
  12. Also, from the article's abstract (didn't look at their research in details): -the 70% present, L-type (more aggressive) is mostly contained in Wuhan -frequency of L-type seems to be decreasing -less aggressive S-type is spreading over the world due to lack of selective pressure
  13. Oh that's too funny about the Women's March! (but also really sorry about your painful experience!!) And yes, things we do for love... Or out of habit... Or to be polite... Yeah. Hopefully, there's no strong political disagreement between you and Alex! I think that applies to the immigrant of any gender. If an incoming immigrant didn't have strong views before coming to the US, they would pick it up from people around, makes sense? Actually demonstrates how the environment could impact views Of course, partner probably will not be a 100% influence Good for you two! I was talking rather about a situation where the immigrant didn't have strong views before coming to the US which makes my initial comment not relevant for your situation (but hey, look at all the empowering stories about strong and independent women!!😻) (btw, a person doesn't need to be a Trump supporter to particularly dislike Hillary)
  14. I am sure your wife is perfectly capable of independent and critical thinking, but, very likely, the environment will eventually cause some influence on a person's views.
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