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  1. My I-360 as my new address and for my i485 after i called to change my address, I got a notice that I changed my address, from my previous local field office. But I dont know if my case as be transferred.
  2. I called to find out the status of my i485 because it still shows interviewed was cancelled after a month and I was told my case was put on hold pending the approval of my vawa case, and I also want to know if my case was transferred to the new field office because i changed my address.but uscis didn't provide any answers to my questions.
  3. Is it true uscis as no access to pending i-485 once i file for vawa
  4. Ok you mean I could send a copy of my vawa to my local office, so as to notify them I dont have my receipt yet.
  5. Hello it almost a month, isubmitted my vawa and I haven't gotten my NOA Receipt,is this normal, what should I do?
  6. Please what does interview cancelled means? Would the officer be able to reopene the case after they recieve my Vawa reciept
  7. I went for my i485 interview alone today and asked the officer to hold my i485 in abeyance.she gave me a tough time and finally agree to hold my case for 30days and I should mail the vawa receipt notices,but I got this notices after few hours.Is this normal, did anybody get this after requesting for a hold?
  8. Please How do I know if it was really put on hold if the IO accept to put my i485 on hold? Will I get a document/mail stating my i485 was put on hold or an update in my uscis account?
  9. Hello, my i485 interview is next week and I just filled vawa 10days ago,I dont have the receipt yet, what do I tell the IO for them to put my case on hold till my vawa is approved.
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