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  1. My fiancé officially got his visa today from the US consulted in Cairo. He picked it up today!! So I’m very happy about that. The only thing is they put the wrong birthday and month on the visa. What do I need to do. I already got his ticket to come to the states. Now I’m freaking out. Is getting the right birthday going to be a long process?
  2. I am so sorry to hear that. I can’t even imagine. I wish you the best. Stay strong.
  3. Hi Shiran, My fiancé was instructed to return that form right after his interview. And he did it the very next day. But 3 weeks after that the embassy called and asked him to mail in his passport. We assumed that the reason the embassy didn’t initially ask him to leave his passport when he went in for his interview is because it was going to take a long time to get his visa. Any idea why the embassy would have asked him to mail his passport if it’s still going to take a while?
  4. I really hope it doesn’t take that long😔. Thank you Ben&Zian.
  5. Hi everyone. I guess I just need some support and to hear something positive. My Yemeni fiancé had his interview at the US embassy in Cairo on 3/20/2019. At the end of the interview he was told that our case is under AP and was given the supplemental form to fill out. Which we did and returned as directed. 3 weeks after the interview the embassy called him and asked him to mail in his passport. We mailed his passport and haven’t heard anything since. I emailed the passport status email to track the status and there was no update. Can someone tell me what is going on here or if anyone else has experienced this? Thanks so so much in advance.
  6. Ok.... taking a deep breath and taking your advice. Thank you Greenbaum🙂
  7. Hi Greenbaum, Thank you so much for your quick reply! So, I just logged in to check the status of our case and it still says administrative prossesing. I guess since the embassy didn’t hold on to his passport at the time of the interview I was under the assumption that they wouldn’t request it be mailed until the A/P was over and we were cleared for him be mailed the visa. Now I’m more confused 😖 would you think it’s a good idea for me to call the embassy and ask them what the situation is as far as timeline? Thank you again!
  8. My fiancé, who is a Yemeni national had his interview on the 20th of March in Cairo Egypt. We were told that he has to wait the 6-10 months for administrative processing. We given the supplemental questions form and sent it back to the embassy. Because my fiancé was told that we have to wait and additional 6-10 months before his visa can get mailed the interviewer did not take his passport at the time of the interview. But a few days ago my fiancé got a call from the embassy. The lady said that his process is moving along and asked him to mail his passport to the embassy. She did not give him a timeline of when the visa will be mailed. We mailed it that same day. Has anyone experienced that before? Since the embassy requested that we mail in his passport does that mean that we are no longer under administrative processing? And when can we roughly expect the visa to be mailed? Thanks so much in advance!
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