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  1. Hello , i found our case was approved, but I don't believe until I get postal mail in our hands.. 1 year to get NOA2 hopefully I can have confidence to say it Lol. Good luck everyone if wait for NOA2 as April 2018 filler. Many thanks!!
  2. We called and they said can't call back if the international phone numbers... Is anyone somehow got call back from Uscis to outside of USA? Our case is pending what they said and we'll consider contacting to senator ..
  3. Oh okay, it has been 2 months but no response now... Thank you..
  4. Hi we're in Japan and submitted in April 2018 to Nebraska. i have no update in the web tool and no letter. we submitted case outside normal to follow up our case but still no update, it shows reviewing by officer. It will be a year since we got NOA1.... is anyone here with Nebraska filler and if anyone had similar situation and got to resolve, would you please kindly give and share your advice? We are in Japan , my husband is American citizen and I'm Japanese. Many thanks
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