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  1. Ok so my wife got her card and they recommended to do the the name change after the initial card to make it smoother. So we went back today and they are telling us it can take month and a half as her Bulgarian passport is her maiden name and that it it can cause issues when filing the adjustment of status. So we put it off (for now) to gather information. Any insight on this also what will happen if try to travel after the fact with her passport if the name change has been processed?
  2. SO when I put my tracking in nothing comes up I'm using EXP 25 JUN 2019A and nothing comes up. She was going to call the embassy tomorrow morning should we wait?
  3. just wanted to say thanks to Greenbaum you dont have to do this and you invest a lot of time into it for us and alot of us us ask questions that are in the fabled first post document. Our case got shipped out in the 25th batch and is already reading ready so time to get moving to my countries sub forum. I Just wanted to say thank you again!
  4. So we have a case number now and reading some places it is OK to schedule the medical exam after the ds-160 is done ( also done). Our case will be waiting till the next shipment from the nvc we got our case number on the 10th. I didn't know if it was OK for my fiancee to go to the medical now to get it out of the way or is Bulgaria one of the countries it has to have the interview scheduled first. she already has all the documents worked on an should have them all finalized next week. Thanks for your help guys
  5. i just called and have my case number it was assigned today does that means it goes out tomorrow?
  6. NVC has received my case today .....do you guys think it may be able to get processed to head out for next weeks shipment or is that too much wishful thinking thanks again to everyone
  7. When my fiance gets her visa i want to go and help her finish out some last things before she comes home and then come back home with her. I'm trying to give boss a time frame so that I can go within a couple weeks of getting the visa. I just want to make sure I'm "guesstamating" right and i am not forgetting things so from what i am reading there is 30 days till My case gets to the NVC then 2 weeks to process it and send it to Sofia and until it reaches there roughly another 2-4. is it at that point that she can schedule the appointment for the interview and the medical or does the embassy review it as well. from what I read online that Sofia works really quick and on the state dept it says it takes only a few days for the interview so the harder thing I feel will be the medical appointment but she lives in sofia so it is not hard for her to get things done on her side and I will guess 1- 2 weeks to get scheduled for the medical.So all in all I am thinking 2.5-3 months unless am I missing any step in there or if things are moving faster. I know this will be a moving target but just trying so i can go asap when it comes through. Thanks for your help.
  8. so maybe im just not following it but im trying to do the first part on the pdf but dont know what to put here and do i just fill out two one for my email and one for my fiancee?
  9. SOOOOOO........... We got noa2 on the 14th i thought i was using the new site and found the new site link on here and I signed up there and there it was!!!!! So on to the next step and thanks again for all your sport this whole time
  10. I do have a divorce but submitted the divorce decree when I filed and have not had any rfe
  11. OK Thanks i just got back from visiting her we were so hopeful looking at the time lines that we would get ours while I was there. Just some wishful thinking I guess.
  12. Sooo I check the timeline on here everyday when I start my day and we got my noa1 first week in February and I'm seeing a bunch of people all around us have gotten their noa2 already and even people two weeks after ours. Is this something I should be worried about?
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