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  1. Hi, has anyone tested you according to the date this page is left?
  2. No, just that the wait is long, there is a case of approved january, I will wait for the lawyer to say, maybe after 7 months they approve me.
  3. I will also have 7 months wait in 7 days, have you called uscis?
  4. I am Dominican, it has always been that way, but there is an official statement from the embassy you can not take from what free newspaper says and local news
  5. Thanks, I'm going to do it, maybe the next few weeks, should I call uscis?
  6. Hi, check on my uscis profile and they still don't approve me, I'm texa January 22, 2019 and I don't have news or update, here it says August 22 will be approved, thanks.
  7. 6 to 7 weeks, and does not arrive before you must call.
  8. Already verify my case remains the same, almost 7 months without approval and without update, should I call uscis?
  9. I don't know they are not having maintenance, maybe the cases work, and soon you arrive No2
  10. If you're not the only one, I wait for my approval almost 7 months, texa.
  11. Hi, yes check from my phone and computer. I can't see my case status, I hope No2
  12. Hi, this happened to me today, I can't verify, I'm January 22 texa, Maybe something Technical ?, thank you
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