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  1. Are they not gonna question me why I have different middle names in my Green card and passport at the US immigration??
  2. Sorry, I didn't know which category this question falls under so I just picked the one that sounds close to it 😂 Are they not gonna question me why I have different middle names in my passport and green card at the US immigration??
  3. Hello, so I just renewed my passport recently and now it is under my married name which is great!!! But I have a new problem, in my new passport they put my middle name as my maiden name. And my Green card has my actual middle name. So it's likes this in my Green card: ALFE MAY ALONTE ZINGER ( ALONTE is my middle name) PASSPORT: ALFE MAY LEONARDO ZINGER And we're planning on traveling back to the US in a few months, will I have issue entering the country or will it be okay as long as I bring my birth certificate or some kind??
  4. Yeah, I made a mistake when I posted this months ago. I think I was also confused and nervous back then. But My SOFA was under my maiden name back then. my SOFA & plane ticket was under my maiden name cause they use what's written on the passport. Now fast forward. I renewed my passport and change my last name to my now married name. And also renewed my SOFA and now has my last name as well. I'm sorry about the misunderstanding about the post. SOFA will be put under your maiden name if your passport is still in your maiden name.
  5. Yes she’s right! Sofa is under my maiden name & orders and command sponsor is under my married name. I posted this post like a few months ago and I’m in Germany now. She’s also right, Ramstein is having an exercise so passport office is close but the one making the sofa is a german national so your process won’t have any delays. I have changed my passport last name now so I have my sofa under my married name! Good luck on your process!
  6. For the plane ticket always use the one that's in your passport! Plane agents would only accept the same name as your passport. Just bring your marriage certificate just in case they ask.
  7. My SOFA is issued under my married name(husband's last name), but my passport is still my maiden name. we're still in Japan and we'll be arriving at Germany in july. So I'm just worried they're gonna stop me at the immigration for having different names
  8. So I'm a non us citizen, and I got married on Sept 12 2018 to a USAF member and I haven't changed my passport name to my married name but in my dependant ID, command sponsorship are all in my married name(husband's last name), my passport doesn't expire till 2020 Dec 27 so I didn't change it yet but since we're PCS-ing to germany, would I run into trouble if my passport name and my command sponsorship/sofa visa name is different?? Or do I need to just bring my marriage certificate and other documents stating I use my maiden name and married name?
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