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  1. Yes I get married in Honduras.. that is why I had to get the marriage folio too.. and you are ok
  2. I uploaded them on July 16th and August 15th they requested to reupload again the birth certificate and Marriage certificate because they wanted the Folios for these docs.. It was crazy cuz I didn't know that they wanted the actually copies of the Folio certs.. so I re upload them on August 23rd and today they accepted them.
  3. Hi guys I just got documents approved from NVC. Please post any updates for the interview date in Honduras embassy. Keep praying and fingers crossed.
  4. Hi I checked the NVC website... Extensions: If you filed an extension for the most recent tax year, submit a photocopy of your IRS Form 4868 (PDF - 509 KB), or write and sign a statement indicating you filed an extension, along with a tax transcript or tax return from the previous year. If you did not file taxes: If you did not file Federal Income Tax Returns for the most recent tax year, write and sign a statement indicating why you did not file taxes. So I will sent the extension.
  5. Hello everyone, I have a question about I864. I have not filed my taxes form 2018 yet, because my spouse isnt in the United States to get SSN and to apply for an ITIIN Number form W7 from the IRS shows in a field to put the date of Entry into the USA. Anyone knows something about this? Any recommendation? Thank you.
  6. Hello I got a notification today Jun 5th that My I130 was approved on May 31st 😀🤩 finally. Thank God. My PD is August 14th 2018. Approved it May 31st 2019. Good luck for the rest applications for approvals..
  7. Yes I got the same problem. Even the website has the same trouble. Probably sytem is down.
  8. I checked mine too PD is 14th August I hope tomorrow we get the update.
  9. Congratulations to both of you.! Long process but the rest of us for August filers we are continuing waiting. My receipt date August 14th.
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