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  1. Hey! Thanks for checking in, I appreciate it! Still fairly anxious (though have had occasional anxiety bouts during stressful times most of my life so not surprised) & still doesn't feel 'real', & keep telling myself if I forget to do something important here in the UK before leaving I can always get family to take care of it. Mentally checking things off and don't think there's anything important my dad can't take care of if I completely forget somehow. And also telling myself not to panic! Have been exercising as much as possible, remembering to do deep breathing, and seeing friends - helps to keep busy and distracted. And my fiance has been making preparations in the apartment like adding me to the lease, putting things into storage to make room, etc which is exciting. 4 weeks to go!
  2. Thank you!! I bet! I know you'll be so excited to make your new home together though! I've just been horribly stressed and anxious since for no specific reason. Making appointments, scheduling in indecisive friends who I'll need to travel to see before I leave, will I remember everything I need, hopefully my parents won't miss me too much, will I miss living here more than expected? And all the 'boring' stuff that needs sorting out before leaving and doing that correctly. I was expecting to cry or scream with happiness once it arrived but I've just been in a state of panic! 😂
  3. Thank you!! I was kind of dreading telling my parents on the phone earlier, they both said 'congratulations' but seemed so sad! It's still taking a while to settle in - I think we're just used to feeling anxious and stressed throughout this process and it might take a while to remember how not to feel like that! I was looking at early September to fly out (in time for my fiance's 30th birthday mid-Sept). It looks like Norwegian has surprisingly cheap one way tickets direct to Denver (some less than £300), and an agent at STA travel found me a flight with Iceland Air for £380 that has stopovers in Iceland so POE can still be Denver. Both good options, plus helpful to know the most affordable options for when family and friends want to visit. Will be booking asap once the visa is in hand - so exciting (and scary)!
  4. Issued!!!! Still in shock so don't know how to react!!
  5. I feel so bad for your neighbours! That must be rough for both of them. I'm actually looking forward to spending the holidays with my fiance (spent last 3 Thanksgivings together, and last 2 Christmases with his family). I'm fairly close with my parents but there was a lot of extended family drama following a close family member's death a few years ago, so I was one of those people that dreaded the holidays due to the loneliness and couldn't wait for it to be over. It's been so nice having a 'proper' Christmas that we're both excited about. And I love Thanksgiving food - we even did our own version here in the UK last year, I bought almost everything at Lidl for a fraction of the price of what it would have cost in the US and it was amazing! I haven't been truly homesick on any long trip to the US since I was a small child and just so excited to hopefully be moving soon. Wondering if homesickness will hit at all? Will just have to wait and see.
  6. Thank you! Already on top of it 😂 Changed to AP this morning!
  7. Thank you, I'll be sure to keep updating & also post a full embassy review to help others once everything is approved. It'll be you before you know it! It doesn't seem long ago at all that we were sending off all the paperwork to USCIS.
  8. Thank you so much! I did a brief post about it as I was a little anxious earlier afterwards, I think it went well - just have to wait to hear news. No major red flags at least!
  9. Thanks, that's good to know! I had a young guy at the first window asking for documents who was very friendly (but also quiet - had to politely ask to repeat himself a couple of times). I could overhear the other interviewers being very chatty asking about all sorts. Fingers crossed, I'll be watching emails and the case tracker!
  10. Damn, forgot my evening gown 😂 That's probably what it was! Thanks all! Everyone else waiting was so nice and friendly in the waiting area; the interview was so fast and I panicked due to nerves and forgot to ask - she just said 'thank you, goodbye' and left as there was no one else waiting. Fingers crossed! 🤞🏻
  11. Hi all! Just had my interview today and had an interviewer who didn't come across as the most friendly. She asked the typical questions I expected but didn't keep the passport photos, and when I asked she said she didn't need them - I thought these were used for the visa? She kept my passport and just said 'everything seems to be in order' - I asked 'great, is that all then?' and she just said 'thank you, goodbye' and that was it.. I'm guessing this is good news? Thanks for any advice - just full of nerves today!
  12. Hi all! I've got my interview tomorrow and forgot to ask: is there a dress code for the interview at all, or does no one care? I've got quite a way to travel and it looks like it'll be hot up there, so for optimal comfort I was just planning on wearing a sleeveless printed swing dress with sandals. When I was there for the medical a couple of weeks ago it was a similar temperature - I sweated through everything I wore and was glad of the sandals, so I'd prefer to avoid getting anything 'dressy' ruined with sweat stains, etc (apologies if TMI but that's real life in the British summer)! I was also going to bring a pair of trainers in my little backpack in case of blisters. Think I have all the required documents in my folder ready to go, will triple-check before I go to bed. Thanks for any help!
  13. The confirmation email mentions that there are two locations where the visa medicals are held (Knightsbridge and Bentinck Street) and that it states in the email you receive after booking the appointment exactly where you need to go. They are only interested in your medical summary which lists vaccinations, allergies, ongoing illnesses and anything serious. My GP also printed out 3 sides of A4 with my full medical history (featured detailed results from past blood tests, swabs and smear tests) but I didn't need it for the appointment.
  14. - US-sized passport photo - easy to get done at most local photography stores. Mine was £8 for a set of 4 and I was in and out within 10 minutes - Printout of your DS-160 confirmation page - Confirmation of appointment date and time (should be the email you received, print it out) - Evidence with your Affidavit of Support form (eg. fiance's tax returns, letter from employer, bank account info - whichever documents you're using to prove their income) May be good to have (but may or may not need): - Confirmation of case number (eg. printout of NVC email, letter from embassy - anything official with your case number on) - Instruction email from Visa Information Service (received 5 days before my interview) - includes address of embassy, detailed instructions on various ways to get there, and what not to bring - Extra photocopies of original documents like your passport, birth certificate and police certificate - always good to have just in case - Old passport if applicable - I think it was my interview confirmation email that mentioned this, though others have mentioned they didn't need it and weren't asked for it. Threw it in my folder anyway because I prefer to be over-prepared. My interview is on Monday so this is just what I've gathered together and will be taking to mine!
  15. Glad it all went well for you! And that I wasn't the only one asking the x-ray tech all the questions - asked him if it all looked okay, and he said 'well, it's definitely an x-ray, and it's female..' 😂 Hope you can get an interview date for when you wanted too!
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