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  1. So sorry to hear this, it must be so frustrating. With the nature of this visa it's impossible to plan ahead and know exactly when each stage of the process will happen, which can be really tough when all you want to do is make exciting plans like everyone else getting married. I would also agree with the above and see if anything can be done to speed up the process for you.
  2. I'm so glad to hear it! And thank you for the info, it's very helpful to know exactly what to expect. I'll see if I can locate any of the old paperwork just to be on the safe side.
  3. I wouldn't worry too much about getting a RFE as they seem quite common, and having a lawyer doesn't necessarily guarantee not getting one. Though I was surprised to be approved recently after reading that many applicants sent in chat logs, passport stamps and boarding passes, since I initially assumed that none of these 'prove' you met and spent time together (could have visited that city without meeting the person, for example). We only sent 10 photos from throughout our relationship, dated on the back and copies of the flight bookings with both our names on for some of the cities we'd visited together and taken the aforementioned photos at - eg. we took a flight to NYC together for the holidays and one of the photos was of us with the big Christmas tree. Is there evidence like this that ties together which you could use?
  4. I agree! We decided to consult a lawyer just because we had some questions specific to our situation that we wanted to get a professional opinion on. It was really helpful to us just to have a meeting where we could throw any dumb questions we had at him and receive an answer that applied to our specific situation, especially at the stage after we'd got engaged and had no clue what we were doing to make things happen. However if you have a straightforward case there is plenty of information on here to help you through the process - lots of couples are approved every day who didn't use a lawyer (and saved the money for something else).
  5. Hi all! I've recently received my NOA2 approval and just getting together my documents I'll need for the next stages of the process. I've searched past threads but can't find info that would specifically apply to me & would be so grateful for any advice. On my medical summary from my doctor (apparently required for UK applicants) it notes a past diagnosis I received for Aspergers Syndrome / ASD after having some stress and difficulty in school. I was never recommended any kind of treatment or medication for this and have been living life quite happily since - got my university degree, met my fiance, planning to get married. I was never diagnosed with any kind of anxiety, depression, etc or any kind of co-morbid condition. Has anyone else with a single diagnosis of Aspergers / very mild ASD had to go through additional evaluation or require evidence from a doctor for their condition? Or will the embassy doctor just not care about something like this? Thanks so much for any help!
  6. Thank you! No text or email, just the letter. My fiance has the info for checking online, but I don't since I knew if I did I'd be checking it constantly.
  7. You'll be next! Realised that 4th May was a Saturday so maybe staff are working overtime to get more applications approved.
  8. Just received NOA2 by mail today, thank you so much for providing the helpful PDF - keeping it permanently open in a tab to refer to.
  9. Absolutely! Sounds like you're really organised and on top of everything, I'm sure you'll be getting good news even sooner than expected.
  10. Thank you so much! We only sent photos of us together (maybe 10, we like pictures of us) and a couple of printouts of joint flight bookings from trips together. I'd been reading around the forums and someone mentioned that photos weren't necessarily great evidence (I'm guessing because images can be photoshopped). I didn't think to include boarding passes or passport stamps from trips to visit each other because that didn't necessarily prove we'd met and spent time together. Then I was doubting myself thinking I could have missed important checkboxes on the form since it was a while since sending it off and I couldn't remember, and didn't make a copy. But we got approved anyway, yay!!
  11. I only screamed a little bit when I found out we got a letter in the mail today.. NOA2 Approved!!!! NOA1 14th Feb 2019 NOA2 4th May 2019 (79 days from NOA1 to NOA2) Completely unexpected and was sure we'd have to send in more evidence. But I guess they liked all our goofy photos. Those Feb approvals are coming fast and will be here before you know it!!
  12. I wouldn't worry, lots of people seem to get RFEs - even when the evidence requested was already sent (papers get lost or overlooked, etc). Can I ask what kind of evidence was requested?
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