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  1. thanks for your answer, but will that be a problem further ahead during the immigration process?
  2. This is not me, I am asking for a friend, I know someone who got married in the US while being an au pair, she is now married, but her visa is expired, the couple told me their lawyer told them that as long as she doesn't leave the country, she is fine, but I am currently waiting for my petition to be approved outside of the country because I prefer the safer route, my question is: her J1 is expired and they have not yet filed for the I-130, realistically speaking, what could happen? Have you guys seen any success stories? How is this going to go down? When they told me, I was really alarmed, but I did not want to alarm them without doing research first
  3. Yes, I am hoping they will send my case to nvc in the next couple of weeks
  4. Guys, I know I disappeared for a long time, but it's because my computer broke down, I just want to say MY CASE WAS APPROVED, it happened on the 27th of September, exactly 13 months after sending the case, also my husband is here, so we got to celebrate together
  5. yeah, I was going crazy, but my husband got to brasil last friday and he is going to stay for 1,5months, we're hoping to get some good news while he's here. 10 months is a lot, I hope your case gets approved soon, the longest I've been without seeing my hubby was 6,5months and it was already really hard
  6. yeah, and he has an app that sends him a picture of what is going into his email, I forgot the name tho, if USCIS sends a letter, he has a person who can pick the mail up for him
  7. Husband arriving in Brazil tomorrow, he is going to be here for 1,5 months, I hope we get good news while he is here, it could be anytime mow
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