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  1. Hi All, So something very strange happened. I checked online and it said under documents my interview date for June 24th. However now when I check its no longer there? It just says we scheduled your interview and will be mailing you a letter shortly. Did anyone else faced this as well? Please help.
  2. Hi Nayla I received my interview date for June 24th. Hope you got yours too.
  3. Yea they mean they put you in line for interview (mine said the same thing), I am pretty sure you don't have an actual interview date yet. You have a long wait ahead of you still unfortunately. I would be extremely extremely surprised if they scheduled you for interview already. if you applied in Jan 2019 I think your interview date would come after Jan 2020. I applied for my case in May 2018 and know another gentleman with similar priority date as mine and we both waiting still. But If I am wrong, please do let us know.
  4. I am May 2018 filer still waiting for interview in San Fernando CA office.
  5. Yes I applied in same office San Fernanado Valley CA and also had my fingerprinting done in June 2018 at Chatsworth CA. Every office is different, unfortunately San Fernando Valley CA office is hands down the worst in the Country. Sorry to give you the bad news but its the truth. I also know someone else on this forum as well who applied in May 2018 and hasnt gotten an interview date yet either in SF valley office. Goodluck hopefully it moves quick going forward.
  6. Just to confirm you applied in January of 2019 for n400 right? I applied in May 2018 and still waiting for interview date.
  7. Just checked my case status online, it states - Your case is taking longer than expected. I filed in May end 2018 and field office is san Fernando valley CA. Still no interview date.
  8. I’m a may 2018 filer from San Fernando valley ca. Been waiting for interview. My biometrics were done in June 2018 and since then there hasn’t been any action taken. I called in and spoke with senior representative and he mentioned that this field office is doing applications from 13.5 months to 18 months and before that timeline there is nothing I can do. This is rediculous, this kinda wait time is absolutely insane! I don’t know why they don’t transfer files to lesser busier office where people are getting cases completed in 4-6 months. I feel like going to this immigration office and slapping everyone who works there to put some sense in them. Such unprofessional and uncoordinated group of idiots.
  9. Congrats very happy and excited for you. Could you tell me your priority date please? And also your field office? Thanks
  10. Thank you, can't wait to hear soon for my interview date. Everyone I know has had their whole application within 6 months. Now its take forever it seems.
  11. Hi Nelya - My field office is also San Fernando Valley. I see that our priorities date are very close to each other. Mine is May 26,2018. I am really hoping that we get an interview soon. By the way when you log in, what does it say as to how much time remaining for the entire process? Mine says estimated time remaining to completion as 2 months. Also do you know of anyone else on this site with Date closer to us in LA areas Office?
  12. Hi My field office is San Fernando Valley. Could you please advise how much longer is it going to be for my N400 interview. I applied in May 2018 and fingerprinting done in June 2018.
  13. Could you tell me which office you applied at? I applied in Los Angeles and had my fingerprinting in Chatsworth CA back in June 2018, since then there hasn't been a reply.
  14. Hi Thanks for your reply Nelya 94. I had my Fingerprinting done in Chatsworth CA back in June 2018. I am not sure what my field office is however when I check online it shows 2 months estimation for completion of my case. Can you tell me how do I check my field office? I see our priority date is very very similar. Hopefully we will both hear back something soon. I was getting very worried but seeing that your case is similar to mine definately gives me some comfort.
  15. I am not sure if my office is San Bernardino. I just randomly inserted that, but I had my fingerprinting happenned in Chatsworth office and I live currently in Los Angeles CA. How do I check my field office. Please help.
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