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  1. Haha omg don't even joke about that... wasn't thinking about it until now 😂🤦‍♀️
  2. Still waiting for the letter so we'll see... thanks!
  3. hmm.. he is a government employee "stationed" abroad... I wonder if USCIS will be considerate of that
  4. So this may sound crazy but I want to make sure... is the spouse required to attend the aos interview if I came on a k1? My husband works abroad so I want to consider all options... Thanks!
  5. It's not a problem, call uscis, you will be transferred to a tier 2 officer and they will send you a new letter.
  6. I do have a SSN and I looked into changing name today... gonna hold off until after interview because they ask for status and I don't want to have to change it again with SSA 🤦‍♀️
  7. Haven't gotten EAD yet... local office is faster than nbc 💪🏻
  8. Thanks. I'll contact SSA tomorrow and see what they say...
  9. How would I notify them before the interview? And why would they issue it before my interview? I am using it for several things and I want to legally change with social security but I don't know if uscis will have an issue because of the different name.
  10. Hi all, since I was here before on a work visa and had a SSN prior to marriage we sent in aos packet with my maiden name without thinking about that aspect (regretfully). My interview has been scheduled (probably some time in April, waiting for letter) and I want to ask for my green card to be with my married name... can/should I change my name with SS before the interview? Or do I do that after uscis says it's ok? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
  11. I was waiting to hear if you got the letter! 😅 awesome!! Thanks for the update 🤗
  12. Yes, woke up and had a feeling I should check! I just got the ready to be scheduled yesterday like you... Also hoping for a date in April. Hope the letter gets there soon!
  13. Do you know when your interview is for yet? I am waiting for mine in Detroit as well and just got the interview was scheduled update 🤗
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