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  1. Hello there! My question is towards the Brazilians that are going or have been through the process. The status of my case changed to ready but the consulate have not sent the email yet, do you guys know how long it takes for the email to arrive? Can I schedule the interview even without the email, should I just wait and possibly delay the process? Thanks for the information.
  2. Alright, I will take some spread out stuff with me, but not a huge amount. Thx for all the info
  3. Hello! So my process is moving along nicely and the interview lurks closer. So my question is we have a lot of chat proof of ongoing relationship besides trips he made to see me and pictures, but for the chat how often should I show them we spoke? Every week of each month? Every month? I just don't know what to print when it comes to our conversations. Someone have an input? Thanks
  4. Thank you for your Reply!! I will check the other thread.
  5. Hello! I just got my NVC number yesterday and I'm wondering if it's ok to scheduele the interview already or should I wait until the process is at the Braziliam embassy? From what I heard it takes a while to scheduele at the Rio de Janeiro Embassy so I'm just trying to make the process a little faster. Anyone have a recent input on this?
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