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  1. God is good, we got issued on 27August. I’d like to thank everyone for their contribution and as well wish everyone a successful visa journey. We’ll be writing on our profile explaining everything we went through and how we overcame it on this journey in more detail later on. Hope it’ll be of help. Good luck to everyone and Pray.
  2. That doesn't make sense. Is that the adjusted gross income? That's the salary the embassy takes into consideration. K1 visa is set at 100% poverty line. For 2 people agi would need to be $16,910. Does it says 36k on the tax transcript? Or did they make less last year than they do now? 36k would be too little for a household of 7 but enough for a household of 6 and under.
  3. Hmm. If you don't mind me asking, how much does your fiancé make and what is the household size? Are there any listed dependants on their taxes? Do they have tax transcripts from 2018?
  4. Hi, They’re saying it’s not enough maybe because your fiancé’s adjusted gross income isn’t sufficient enough with you inclusive. Look for the 100% poverty guidelines and check how many members he has on his tax return transcripts and if it’s not enough then get a co-sponsor from the family or joint as a friend. Hope that helps, good luck with your visa journey.
  5. Hey guys, so our ceac has been updated today 15 August and it’s showing application received and it’s moved to non-immigrant. What next?
  6. Hey guys, so our ceac has been updated today 15 August and it’s showing application received and it’s moved to non-immigrant. What next?
  7. It’s so sad am so sorry to hear that, which country is your embassy.
  8. I think first you should wait until they send you the dhl waybill and go to the office and check out what they have sent you.
  9. So ceac has again changed to last updated as today 12/July. But not yet moved to non-immigrant. What could be happening.
  10. Hey guys, we’re in the same boat, did the interview 13/june, they requested for irs tax transcripts, sent them in. Currently, my ceac was last updated yesterday 10/July still on AP though. Does K1 have to move to non-immigrant to be issued? 🤔
  11. The main benefit for the i-134 is that the sponsor only needs to meet 100%. Compare this to the i-864 which requires the sponsor meet 125%. A k1 visa applicant will initially need to submit the i-134 but when they get ready to apply for a green card, they’ll need to submit the i-864 with the i-485 AOS.
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