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  1. i have same issue of I-751 Waiver hardship which u discussed in the thread link i have given below...please can you help me out 




  2. yes i have proofs of bona fide marriage which i have filed in I-751. That's why USCIS hasn't yet sent e RFE on bonafide marriage they have only sent me RFE on my extreme Hardship ..so i just wanna clarify that is it better to go waiver with divorce rather than going with hardship?
  3. One of my friend hasn't filed for divorce but his period of 2 years GC being ended on MAY 2019 ... and his wife not residing with him. i wanna ask that for which option he should go for ... 1 ... Divorce with bona fide marriage or 2. Extreme Hardship? wanna know that which option is best suitable where he will be given ten years GREEN CARD.... As i have heard that getting 10 years gc is very difficult to be given rather than getting gc in Divorce waiver request.....
  4. I and my wife married few years ago then i came to USA from UK on spouse condition visa. Even i sold my house & left my job in UK to come here in USA to spend my life with her.Then after some time she left me because she was involved with an other man (Don't wanna discuss this more) and she even changes her residence address and changed her number so i can't file divorce because i dont know where she is .. so i filed for I 751 Waiver Extreme Hardship request . Now i have got letter from USCIS RFE to provide evidences that extreme hardship will result if i m removed from US. E.G 1. Medical & social needs in US 2. Employment opportunities in my home country 3. Family ties in US & in your home country 4. Major disruption in your family 5. Psychological impact of deportation please help me which types of evidences will be useful for me .i m so so much TENSED..Please tell me with examples like should agreement deed of my house in UK & resignation letter copy from job would help in these evidences ..waiting for response