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  1. Hopefully something very minor! Frustrating 😖😖😖😖
  2. Aww you’re fine!! You have the approval and the card will follow soon so 🍾! My anxiety will be the wait in customs when coming back into the US, feeling like a criminal after an 11 hour flight “will they let me back in?!😖”. Even thinking about which customs line to stand in scares me 😂😂😂 residents?! Visitor?! Who knows...😮 Good call on August, went to Vegas July last year and couldn’t believe the heat, experienced nothing like it before!
  3. Yes, I’m still waiting for the approval unfortunately and yes with summer season coming up it’s getting really expensive hence desperate to book ASAP. Sorry to hear about your grandfather and mum! It’s awful, went through it in January with my Grandad but my expedited request was denied because it wasn’t exceptional enough. When you planning on going back? Yes fingers crossed for all of us still waiting!!! ❤️
  4. Thank you, yes forgot the I-94 will also show my departure out of the US. Guess I’ll just have to be patient then and wait for approval + card in hand.
  5. Sorry another question... How many days after approval did those who have been approved for EAD/AP receive their card in the post? im thinking of just risking it and booking my flight to London for early May (NOA1 Nov 13th) and hoping I get the approval and the card before that time. Otherwise ticket prices are going up and up and probably won’t be able to afford to go if I don’t book now. Worst case, can the AP/EAD card be posted to me in London? Would appreciate any help on this! Thank you.
  6. Does anyone know if USCIS work over the weekend to process applications? I’m guessing not... but secretly hoping deep down there could be an extra two days of processing. 🙏
  7. Thanks, I hope so! Just having one of those emotional 😭😢😭 days missing my family and friends and dog back home. I had my hopes set on going back for Easter. Doesn’t look like it’s happening now ☹️.
  8. NOA1: Nov 13th still no EAD/AP or interview 😢😢😢 feeling so left behind.