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  1. I am waiting for my green card interview which is scheduled on July 2nd and I submitted request for expedition due to some reasons. However, I couldn’t get any answer for 2weeks, so I called USCIS to check its status. But I think there was a mistake. Today I got email from USCIS and it says they will reschedule my interview. I found out they have 2 requests for my case. One is for expedite, and the another one is for rescheduling. And as rescheduling is the latest request, they will reschedule my interview instead of expedition. I am so confused.. I have to call them tmrr morning to stop rescheduling, but I am not sure whether it is possible or not. I want to hear some similar experience.. Anyone have an experience with cancellation of rescheduling request??
  2. Hi everyone, My green card interview was scheduled on July 2nd, and got a notice around end of June. My husband got the order to go Europe next month, so we visited USCIS office to expedite my interview. We submitted all related docs and was waiting for the answer, but couldnt hear anything from them. So I called USCIS 2 weeks ago to check my request status, and today I got an email from USCIS. It says “We can accommodate one interview reschedule request. You will be rescheduled and sent a notice for another interview. If you do not appear for the rescheduled interview, your case may be denied.” Now I am so confused with this email. does it mean that they will expedite my case? If so, the interview should be this week as my previous date was July 2nd. I am starting to get worried if they postponed my schedule after July 2nd because of some mistake. I have to leave the states 2 weeks later.. If there is anyone who has a similar experience, pls share it with me.
  3. congrats! I envy you Btw, can you let me know the expedite process? i already submitted the request of expedite a month ago, and just got an email from USCIS that they will reschedule my interview date. Originally, My interview date was scheduled on July 1st, and i just got the email that they will reschedule it based on my expedition request. I am confused because if they expedite my schedule, the interview will be this week. also i am starting to get worried if they postpone my schedule after July 1st. I don’t get the meaning of reschedule from USCiS email. Did you receive a same email from USCIS after getting expedition approval? I am trying to call them but still waiting for 40 mins on a line...
  4. Hi everyone, I am a military spouse and waiting for my temporary green card interview. I asked to USCIS that expedite my AOS as my husband got orders to arrive in Europe in July. We have to move to Europe soon, but my AOS (I-485) is still pending with the message 'Case is ready to be scheduled for an interview' since last November... I heard the interview will be scheduled around early July, but it is too late. Therefore, I will visit the USCIS office this week to consult with them about AOS, but I'd like to know how long it will take to get a temporary green card after approval of my expedite request. If someone has a similar experience, please share it with me. it would be really appreciated!
  5. I've read the linked post, and it helped me a lot. Now I am under the impression that I can expedite naturalization after receiving GC, without ROC! Thank you so much :)))
  6. Hi, everyone! i am a spouse of military and wating for the interview for ‘I-485 Application to Register Permanent Residence’ . I just received combo card a month ago, but still waiting for conditional resident at the moment. Meanwhile, my husband will be deployed this summer. I think i can receive the conditional resident card before leave the states, but here is my question; If I go abroad on a conditional resident status, can I apply and expedite my citizenship even I cannot be present a permanent resident? Or should I remove the conditions on residence firstly? We will stay overseas 3 years, and I’d like to know what is the next steps, and how long it will take to get a citizenship. If somebody has an experience, pls share the info thanks!!
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