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  1. My daughter has been going to school here in mexico since she was 3. Is it too late for her to start kindergarten in the USA? Is there any official papers we need to bring to the USA to prove she went to school here in Mexico? We are moving to the USA Oct 17th and my daughter is 5.
  2. This will be my wife's (CR1) and daughters (CRBA/passport) first time traveling to the USA. When we reach the POE(Houston) is it ok if I join them in the "immigrant" customs line even though I am a USA resident?
  3. Just check a few times everyday and you should find something available, might take a week of searching.
  4. Our CRBA and passport was approved in Mexico City and I would like to get a social security card before we enter the USA if possible. What is the fastest way to do that?
  5. Thanks for the reply's 2. Do I pay the fee at POE or online after we receive our visa by mail after embassy approval? 3. Ok what if I am living in hotels/airbnb for the next 6 months but maintain my original mailing address?
  6. 1. Do we need to pay a fee at POE (we paid $325 at the interview receipt below) 2. Is the green card mailed after embassy approval/visa stamp or after POE 3. Do I need to file a "change of address" each time I move if I maintain my original mailing address on file? I plan on moving around a lot for work and would be staying at lots of temporary locations for months at a time.
  7. I have a new job that requires me to travel and stay in hotels/airbnb and was wondering if I should file a change of address for each place we stay even if its only for a few days?
  8. Yes I scheduled online but the only thing i received was an instruction sheet and it says to bring the appointment letter which i never got. i read an older thread that said the packet 3 letter is the appointment letter for DCF.
  9. In the "Immigrant Visa - Appointment Confirmation" email it says "You must print this instruction page and bring it with you, along with the appointment letter/email, to the Consular interview" also "Please present a copy of your DS-260 confirmation form at your ASC appointment." I got my DS-260 confirmation and ASC instruction page by email but i dont see an "appointment letter/email" where can i find that or is it necessary for a DCF CR1?
  10. I read in another thread it should be "TOTAL INCOME PER COMPUTER" is that correct?
  11. I have my tax transcripts for the past 3 years and I need to know what number and specifically the item name I should use for "total income" 24a-24c on the i864. I was self employed overseas from 2016-2018 and I read in other places my income should be 0 because it was earned overseas. I am using a joint sponsor fwiw.
  12. Thanks so "evidence of income" is not needed for past tax returns, only for current income?
  13. I was self employed for the past 3 years and have my tax transcripts for those years but dont have any qualifying "evidence of income". I am currently(2019) unemployed but plan on getting a job ASAP when we get to the USA. We have all the necessary supporting documents for our joint sponsor so we are ok there. Is "evidence of income" a requirement for petitioners with a joint sponsor?
  14. I filed taxes and have my tax transcripts for the past 3 years. I don't however have any qualifying "evidence of income" is that a requirement? My joint sponsor has all the required supporting documents fwiw.
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