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  1. Thats good to know. I’ll just be checking on the new site from here on out.
  2. That is so sweet of you to say. Sarah is a friend worthy of helping believe me when I tell you that. It’s recovery time for her and as I said, better to know now than later. Amen!! That’s what I said. Best revenge is moving on, having fun and most of all being happy
  3. No he was both player and fraud. I have some evidence and it will be his word against mine. I will bring witnesses. As the lawyer in jordan told me (and others out there) and I will quote him because he knows as he seen and processed for them. He said many guys did this and they got away with it. No one knows or finds out until many years later. Seems innocent. They create an uncomfortable atmoshphere for their american wives. Deliberately making it unbearable. Like he decides to be lazy, unemployed or UNDERemployed he said, purposely want to be unattractive, mean, creates problems so the divorce is initiated by the american wife. Once granted they take a trip back home. Meet with their past love and get married. She comes here to live with him. All planned. He said maybe it is not his long time love. But he ALWAYS RETURNS home to marry the younger country girl of same culture and religion. I wish he warned me of this when I first met him in Jordan when I had him consult with me on our K1. He met with my ex after I filed D160 and I wish he said something to me then. He said there is not way of knowing. Some do stay married. For those that dont this is what happens. This one is not going to get away with it as I found out before he got his Visa and i will make sure he never steps foot here!!.
  4. so Ill re-write it here, to answer the poster GOING THROUGH comment, I have evidence that myself and the other woman were sent the same romantic posts and during the duration of our relationship. He claimed her sent it to her years ago and she posted it recently but I cant take his word for it. I have chat messages bween me and two sources. Not much else? I sent a statement I hope his visa doesnt get issued.
  5. Thank you to everyone. I finally was able to get access to the site. I will have some questions for members who are familiar with consulates. I’m still learning how to work site. If its ok can I post what I need help with here? Is this the right area?
  6. I hope this is not the case. I’m working on all of the evidence.
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