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  1. I tried calling the other day but its a dead end. If you read the list of the appointments at the embassy you can see that most of the appointments are for old cases and by that I mean the people on the limited visa category. I don't know where but I read that they were going to work all the F2A visas that's why they all say C in the visa bulletin. I don't know what's going on at the embassy. Try an see if you have a friend who works and the embassy that can tell you what's going on?
  2. The embassy usually takes 2 months to schedule, you should be getting it any day now 🤔 the thing that upsets me the most is that there's no way for us to know what dates they are working on.
  3. Queloque. It seems like they are taking 2 to 4 months to schedule appointments. Any of you have tried the expedite option? My case is completed but it's not transferred to the embassy yet. How long does it take them to do so?
  4. Yo llame a NVC el otro dia y me dijeron que tenian un Glitch.....La pagina de hecho no te deja subir documentos porque esta en mantenimiento.
  5. Get your Senator or congress representative involved.
  6. So basically you have to wait for them to get to your case and give you a case number and once you pay all the fees and submit all documents you have to wait for them to get to your case AGAIN?
  7. Called again today on the 18th. They are currently working with the cases from the 16th. 🤦🏽‍♂️ This is frustrating..... Anybody else here has the time to spare to call NVC and see if they are bluffing?
  8. I called today they told me they received my case on the 27th. They're currently working with the cases received on the 12th. They told me that maybe for next week they will be sending me my case number 🤔 I hope so.
  9. Thank you. I've read somewhere you can try calling around 11:50 PM EST o really early in the morning. I will try both.
  10. It's been 3 weeks since my case was sent to NVC. I've been calling to make sure they got it but all I get is the answer machine and the Call drops. It's frustrating.
  11. Try to contact your representative in congress
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