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  1. Thank you for all the information, I hope you get your interview date soon!
  2. Would you mind sharing a little more about your timeline? When was your case received at NVC? When did you receive your case number? Did you submit your ds260 also on the evening of 8/16 or before? Didn’t you submit anything before Friday night and the last of your documents then? Thank you
  3. Interesting! I’m not sure as I’m still waiting for that news. I believe the “accepted” status is all you need to see, now just wait for a confirmation message and the interview email. Congrats tho! Hopefully the rest of us get good news soon too
  4. Sounds like it! You are very lucky to have the process completed so quickly. Did you submit via email or upload via ceac?
  5. I thought we had the same submission date of 7/24? If so, you can call and request for supervisor review as soon as today but that is up to you. I have tried to read a lot about supervisor review and it seems split pretty evenly between it helping and delaying things more. I really wish I could give you a better option but I truly don't know. I wanted to wait to request the review but it would suck to wait a week or two after the 3 weeks and still not be approved forcing you to ask for supervisor review much later than you could have... That is my method thinking but then again I really don't know. I submitted extra documents (my w2's and final tax transcript) on 8/11, so now I have another 2.5 weeks to wait. 😢
  6. yea I am hoping they would tell you what is the best option. This morning she said that department is behind which means more requests for supervisor review will probably happen, but at least you have been in line for a week. I hope you hear back sooN!
  7. wow 😑 still a week in supervisor review... How did you feel about requesting it? Are you happy you did or do you wish you just waited without? Its a hard call to make. I called in today to do the same but with the news that im not eligible, I have to keep waiting. Still unsure though if requesting supervisor review is the right move... keep me updated!
  8. nothing will be reviewed until everything is submitted, so you can submit ds260 whenever in that timeline. Make sure that you submit everything you possibly think is important or necessary all at the same time, or just know that the 3 week wait will start as soon as you submit your very last document. Yea I mean today I asked on the phone about the W2's and how there is specific cases when the W2 is not required and the representative made it seem like the W2s are basically always necessary and that the website is wrong by not stating that. I would definitely do what you can to get ahold of them and submit them. If you don't have them, you can submit without and hope everything goes well but be aware they might come back after 3 weeks and ask for them.
  9. Yea I mean I spoke to both a representative and a supervisor. The representative said if it had been three weeks she would have done whatever she could but it was out of her hands. She said she understands the frustration and apologized but reassured me she had worked there for 25 years. The supervisor I spoke to also confirmed that what she said was correct - nothing can be done until three weeks from the most recent submission. The documents I did submit were required so she said believe it or not I still did save myself some time but that the wait time used to be 11 weeks so the three weeks is “really nothing.”
  10. So my original document submission date was 7/24. After reading multiple peoples errors with W2’s, I decided to submit mine just in case to ensure they were there when the review came along. I just hit the 3 weeks & 1 day mark from my original submission so I called in to request a supervisor review. They informed me that it has NOT been 3 weeks because it goes by the most recent submission date. SO, just so everyone knows: they said w2s are pretty much always required, so if you have them I would submit them. The website is “wrong” and “they do not control the website”. Also, I cannot submit for supervisor review until three weeks have passed from my second submission date which is unfortunately way later than my original. I’m angry frustrated and annoyed but the representative I talked to was very informative and understanding so I can at least be grateful for that. I am sharing my knowledge though, when you add more documents IT DOES start the clock over!!
  11. At least your status changed! Mine still says “we received your ds260 on 07-24”
  12. U can request supervisor review but it’s like rolling dice. Might speed things up, might slow it down
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