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  1. My husbands interview was today and by the grace of god we were approved! He will be picking up his visa next Tuesday and flying to California next Wednesday. I am so grateful to this website and all its members who have offered kind words and so much helpful information that has ultimately led to this moment! Thank you all so much and I wish you nothing but luck and success in your journeys!!!!
  2. Woke up to my IL notice! It was received in my email at 1:15am PST. Interview date is October 22, CC Aug 22. Country is Belize
  3. Yes ok I understand. Cool she was able to give you that much information though. Surprising that they still haven’t received the dates for October
  4. When did you call? So your saying as of last week, the NVC hasn’t received the available dates yet from the embassy? It’s hard to believe because most NVC phone operators say they have “no way of knowing how long” the wait will be so I’m curious how some are able to give any estimates at all.
  5. I’m pretty sure it gets sent to the embassy AFTER IL has been assigned, so it should say “at NVC” still
  6. Right keep thinking the same thing... I did a search this morning and I was only able to find 2 ILs in October for IR1/CR1 visas on the entire VJ website 🤦🏻‍♀️ idk if that was truly all of them but man NVC isn’t doing much this week
  7. A new week and a new month but still haven’t heard anything. Let’s hope some progress begins to happen this week and more of us get their ILs!!
  8. Has anyone been able to get accurate estimates for interview wait times from NVC? I called myself last night and she said the same thing “there is no timeline”.
  9. Hello! It is the start of a new week and the end of the month. Other forums I’ve read speculate that the NVC usually sends out ILs toward the end of the month. Is that true? If that’s the case, can we hope more IL notices will go out this week?
  10. Well it is finally our turn to join the wait for our interview letter. According to the past visa stats, Belize issues 1-2 CR1 visas every month. Not sure why that is but nevertheless I hope we get our interview scheduled soon! PD: 12/18/18 CC: 8/22/19
  11. I am very happy to share we got the DQ email today! Thank you again to everyone who has shared there experience and advice it has been very much appreciated! I wish everyone who is still waiting the best of luck moving forward for a speedy review. Now onto waiting for the interview appointment! 😬
  12. Ugh I’m so sorry! I can understand the frustration - I hope it doesn’t take another full 3 weeks and you can get approved soon. It is very frustrating that they don’t list everything they need on the website and it seems to differ case by case. I wish you good luck in this waiting game!
  13. Thank you for all the information, I hope you get your interview date soon!
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