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  1. Hello, VisaJourney! First, I need to thank this community because has a lot of good information that actually prepares you to fill the applications and provides a lot of good tips as well. We did not hire a lawyer, everything that we have done it was based on my (husband) research and asking questions on this forum. In our interview for the adjustment of status, we were super nervous but we did good! The officer was cool, he was laughing with us super cool, chill no serious("angry") at all (as I thought). He started asking if we both speak English, I said I do but my wife is still learning. So he said I will call someone to translate for her. I thought we had to have an interpreter but he provided one. I don't know if it is only available in this type of situation with Covid-19. About the interview, he started asking questions to my wife mainly personal information such as name, date of birth, where she was born, jobs, questions about being in the states illegally, etc (pretty much he went over I-485 application). After that, he told the translator that he does not need him anymore. So the officer started asking us questions about how and where we met (we are from Peru and we met there before I moved to the US) if I have met her parents, where we got married, who proposed to who and where. After that, he said that we should be good to go BUT he said because the physical examination was done a year ago and he was not sure if she has to get a new one. So we waited for 5 to 10 minutes and he said "well I think I need to find out that if she needs a new physical examination and I will call you tomorrow if I don't call you it means that everything went well (do not need a new physical examination). After that we left the office like 4 hours later I got a message and email about an update in her case. I checked her case status on the USCIS website and was great news her "green card" was being produced and we should be receiving a NOA soon. Three days later we got a NOA stating that her application was approved and she should be receiving her green card soon less than 3 weeks. Two weeks later, she got her green card, and now it is time to celebrate at our home of course!. Thanks again!
  2. Hello, I have a quick question. So since when I am considered a resident? I moved to Texas from Peru about a year ago. I got an appointment for my green card interview but I was wondering that if I will be considered a resident when my card is processed or from August 2019 until now. This is for school purposes. Thanks
  3. SS is an independent federal agency. USCIS is controlled by US Dep. of Homeland Security. So those cards you will get them in different times.
  4. I know, actually I called to USCIS regarding about my mother being the interpreter. The person that answered my questions said that "It is up to the official if he/she will accept my mother as interpreter", well when I called was around February. Yes, my wife and I speak the same language. I am US Citizen as well. In the new NOA says that "we should arrange to have an interpreter available by phone". I feel like this is going to be more difficult than before. Thanks for sharing your experience.
  5. Hello, my wife has an interview for adjustment of status soon. She has been re-scheduled twice (for understandable reasons). I was wondering if you had an interview after USCIS open their doors for interviews, and how it went? good? normal?. I was planning to bring my mom as translator but it seems that they will only allow my wife and I to be in the interview. Did anyone have any issues with that? how did you do if you needed a translator. Thank you.
  6. Hello All, Has anyone used an interpreter for the interview? How does that work? I was not expecting this and now we have to find someone that can help us. We have to go to the USCIS office in San Antonio, TX and a lot of people speak Spanish here but probably the officer that will interview us won't speak Spanish so... Let me know about your experience. Thanks
  7. Hello all! I would like to know what to expect in the interview part; my wife and I (US citizen) have an interview next month and we were wondering about the questions that they may ask to us. In the letter they said that if the person is not fluently in English an interpreter has to come. Can I (husband) be the interpreter? Or has to be other person for sure?. What would be your recommendations for the interview and what to expect? We are in Texas so the interview is going to be in San Antonio. I would appreciate any of your advices. Thank you
  8. Hello guys, I want to know if I have to fill the form for Affidavit Support for adjustment of status for my wife (k1 visa holder) because I am going to have a joint sponsor (stepfather). So in other words so he and I we have to fill the Affidavit Support? Thanks
  9. Hello, my fiance's I-129F application was approved. I have read that she will need to have proof of my current employment and things like that. Sadly, I am not working right now because I am going to college and using the money that I made in the past. Do you know if that will affect the interview of my fiance and get the visa approved? Keep in mind that I have a sponsor.
  10. Yes, it says only a picture of me (passport - style).
  11. Hello! This is Cristopher! Last September I sent my fiancee's visa K1 application and today I received a letter saying that they need more documents from me. The intent of Marry is one of them so I was reading and seems that I need to send to them a statement where it needs to say that she is going to get married in 90 days, and I think I have to do the same. I can't prove any wedding ceremony because I do not know when she is coming. The other things that they need from me is a passport picture and my US Citizenship (things that I did not know that I have to send too). Anyway, so my question is this: Do you recommend me to send pictures as proves because last January I went to visit her and we went to Machu Picchu, Peru, and I proposed to her. So I have a few pictures where she is wearing her ring. We did not do any ceremony, nothing like that we just went to Machu Picchu to visit. How long does it take to them to process these new documents? and What are the chances of getting approved quickly? Thank y'all!
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