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  1. I ended up finding a civil surgeon who transcribed my wife's vaccination record for $40. A few weeks later I got another RFE because I was apparently missing pages 7-11. I didn't need to turn those pages in (only parts 1-5, 7 and 10) because I filed I-485 within one year of the overseas medical examination, which it specifically says in the I-693 instructions. I wasted $40 and now I have to pay ~$300 for another exam. I wish the people at USCIS knew how to do their jobs.
  2. City/ Town: Las Vegas State: Nevada Date of Service: 1/28/2021 CS Name: Dr. Prabhu CS Tel. no: incl. area code: 1 (702) 877-9514 Cost: $40 (transcription for vaccines). Vaccine Transcription only available: Yes Turnaround time: Same day When you call, ask for Lacey in the immigration department. She'll know about having the vaccinations transcribed without taking another exam.
  3. My wife (and I) had her AOS interview just recently on December 12, 2020. We just got an RFE letter (sent on Dec 31), saying "you must submit a complete form I-693... that shows that you received the Influenza vaccine." She had her K-1 immigration medical exam before coming to the U.S. on 9/30/2019 (when it was NOT flu season), so she didn't get a flu shot. On her DS-3025, it stated she completed all her vaccination requirements. We filed AOS within one year of her overseas medical so we didn't fill out an I-693. We just sent her DS-3025 paperwork with the I-485 AOS package. Shouldn't her flu shot still be waived since her medical exam wasn't during flu season? Do we have to find a civil surgeon and have him give her just the flu shot and fill out the I-693? Will the DS-3025 be valid for her other vaccinations or is she going to have to go through a whole medical/vaccination exam again? Her overseas medical exam expires on 3/29/2021, which is the date we have to turn in the RFE. Thank you.
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