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  1. Question3. “If you are currently married, enter 1 for your spouse”. why do they ask that? It’s confusing. Will there be a problem if I have a household of 3 even if its just me and my spouse. I dont have a problem with the income, i work in healthcare so I make a decent income.
  2. I am sponsoring my spouse. So, I am the petitioner and he is the beneficiary. I am little confused the household size adds up to 3 while its just the two of us. Did I fill this correctly? For question 2. Persons NOT sponsored in his affidavit, for "Yourself"- Do I put 1 or 0? Thank you!!
  3. Hello everyone, I need to submit my tax documents. I was wondering will tax transcripts from IRS website do? If so which one should I choose- Is it "wage and income transcript"? and how many years of tax return should I submit? Should I submit the W2 forms as well? Thank you very much!
  4. Hello everyone. I recently got married (arranged) in my home country in India. I went there in February and got married in March in the courthouse (went there for holidays but through family I met him). I am 31 years old and he is 25 years old. I thought he was a little too young but it seems like age is just a number. He is pretty mature. Neither of us are previously married. I am back in the US and am a citizen. My question is when do I file for the I-130? Do I have to submit all the paperwork- affidavit of support (I-864) , chat/phone logs etc for the I-130 or is it at a later stage? I am worried that I don't have much communication with him since the relationship is very new, and that I married a stranger in a month. Also we only chat / call like once a day. I also have few pictures. I am not worried about the affidavit of support because I have a pretty good job here. What other proof do I need to prove it’s a bonafide marriage? I was thinking of putting his name on my beneficiary’s list (retirement). Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you!
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