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  1. Man,can I know what kind of documents you uploaded to CEAC for CSPA protection
  2. When I Logged into the CEAC,I looked that the case completed is appearing down on the right side corner.I also emailed to NVC asking for when I am going to be scheduled then, They replied that your  “petition is not eligible for further processing at this time and derivative applicant can’t be uploaded until a visa number becomes available”.Although, My Priority date has become what is derivative applicant?and what is the case?

  3. Can anyone please comment their opinion on my post? hey guys, my case is still in the same category.There is something that I am curious to ask about.my curiosity is that while uploading the required documents to CEAC for NVC for me,my attorney made a mistake by putting up the birth certificate of my sister instead of mine.My sister’s name and mine are similar to each one’s. Only the last name of her is different to mine which I think might have caused me to put into F2B category.Her date of birth is 06/13/1995 as well as mine is 07/07/1997. Priority dates are the same 26 dec 2016 .The attorney received the welcome letters to pay the IV fees for both of us on the same day but unfortunately,NVC sent off my sister’s by a mistake because after probably 2 months later, when our attorney went online to pay the Iv fee for my sister,the ability of paying or tapp on any spot there on CEAC was blocked by NVC.Then,the attorney emailed to NVC about the concern and they replied the same that “The petition is not eligible for further processing at this time”.for my case,Everything was completed step by step by my agent without a hurdle.The iv fee was paid and all of the needed documents submitted to NVC.although,at the moment,NVC has been replying the same in their email for me once they did for my sister’s case.Any help will beappreciated.Please suggest me with a opinion of yours ,Guys.what am I supposed to do now?Will NVC convert me from F2B to F2A?Thanks,
  4. Aleful and nastra30:guys,what I'm really worried about is Old bank account number.The copies of the joint bank statements sent off to USCIS have my old bank account number on them and we have another joint bank account opened and the both of our old credit cards are working with new chase bank account and the bank is also the same. what has changed is our bank account and Savings account number.That is what I am really worried about.We did request to the bank clerk to reactive the same bank account number .He said though.Once the bank account is closed at the will of any one of the owners of the chase bank account,later it cannot be reopened.So We had to get a new account open in the same bank.we took all copies of transaction statements of our bank to the closed Of the account.Any thought,Guys who have been through this kind of situation?is it all fine?
  5. HI, I am very concerned for my joint bank account which had like 2 years old transaction history records.My I751 case is still pending with USCIS.It has been 6 months since we jointly filed for the removal of conditions and sent all required documents with joint bank account copies of statements which is closed now. Would being closed of the joint bank account affect highly on my case?If so, What should I do.I and my husband went to our local chase bank to get the closed account reactivates but a clerk working at the bank said,It is impossible for the old one to be reactivate but both of you can currently reopen an another bank account here.Therefore, I have the new one open. please if any of you guys want to lessen my concern,Kindly advise me as to what will be the case with USCIS?what would be the case if USCIS Knew that my husband got the old bank account suspended?