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  1. I’m dual citizen and for this reason we have decided to fly to Europe for our interview and not Canada. In Montreal it takes 4 months to get an appt. and in Europe we already have a date. Good luck to you.
  2. I just got the interview letter cc March 19, 2019 interview May 20, 2019 Bucharest embassy
  3. I was told no by the embassy. You have to do your medical in the country of the interview.
  4. I have heard from someone that it takes 90 days to receive the interview letter and then 30 days for the interview at Montreal Canada.
  5. Congratulations!! Nice to hear they are moving along with interviews. We are March 19 (cc) and waiting for NVC to schedule our intreviw in Bucharest.
  6. No the case number it doesn’t begin with MTL Thank you
  7. Thank you The application was filed in 2005. At the time we were in Romania. We updated the address when we moved. Also they have all are documents including both passports. I will be calling NVC on Monday to see if we are scheduled yet or not. If not We’ll try to move our interview in Canada which we prefer.
  8. It Thank you . That’s what we thought too until we got CC and NVC said interview to be scheduled at the US embassy in our birth country.
  9. We received CC on March 19 and still waiting for our interview to be scheduled by NVC. As we have dual citizenship our interview will be scheduled in Bucharest ( birth country) and not Canada where we live. If we decide to ask for our interview to be moved to Canada does anyone know how long it would take? Our lawyer said it will delay our interview with few months. Anyone has been through this? Thank you