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  1. Yes! I saw this too, I was so relieved to see that it wasn't our timeline! Hopefully we'll get a new estimate soon!
  2. Yes mine just jumped from August 5th to December 30th .... I'm hoping it's not true
  3. Yes, we did ours over the course of a few days... You can just save it and then log back in when you want to continue
  4. Hi! Filed online on the 7th January...we got Potomac! Fingers crossed everything goes smoothly!
  5. Congratulations on filing and thank you for pointing out where we could find our service center! I had been waiting anxiously by the mailbox for weeks! We submitted our paperwork online on the 7th January and got Potomac.
  6. Hello! We submitted our i130 petition on the 8th January 2020 online, roughly how long will it be until we recieve the NOA1? We recieved an email receipt almost immediately with our IOE number. Do we receive a hard copy NOA1 in the mail or will it be an email? I have been checking the Case Status Checking website for any updates but i'm going to drive myself mad! I just want to know what to expect! Thanks!
  7. Hello! My Husband and I are starting to compile our evidence package for the i130... Is there a limit to how many pages you can upload/ roughly how many pages should it be? We have a lot of photos/text logs/call logs and it's currently about 30 pages! I don't want it to seem like overkill! Any tips would be greatly appreciated! I'm so happy to have found this forum! Thank you!
  8. Hi, Sorry if this has been asked/ answered before. We are in the process of planning our wedding and obtaining a K1 visa. We were wondering if you are allowed to enter the US on a different visa (eg. ESTA or B1/B2) once your K1 visa has been approved? We have seen lots of information about visiting DURING the K1 visa process but nothing about visiting once it has been approved. We're I'm trying to find out if you can choose when to use your K1 for entry (for the actual wedding time) and use a tourist visa in the meantime (for planning and visits). I hope that makes sense and I hope someone will help us! Thank you! Lizzie & Zach
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