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  1. Had my oath on Friday at the US District Court in DC. Wishing you all the best on your naturalization journey. This forum has been very helpful throughout my very stressful 9+ process. Happy to answer any questions from DC applicants.
  2. Thank you! Hope you hear something asap! I believe the next one is September 10th.
  3. Thank you so much! Hope it’s not too long before you receive yours. Best or luck!
  4. Just got a notification (on egov) that my oath ceremony notice was mailed! No status change on MyUSCIS account yet, but I expect it to update in the afternoon. Curious to know if I made it to August (13 or 16) oaths or not. From what I have seen on trackers an oath letter is usually mailed at least 5 weeks before the oath date so looks like it might be September.
  5. Congratulations! Not yet. It’ll be 8 weeks tomorrow since I got approved. Estimated wait time online is 27 days.
  6. My status changed on 05/22 (two weeks after the interview) to approved and oath ceremony will be scheduled. However, I have yet to receive an approval letter or an oath notice online or via mail. I hope you receive your RFE soon! Best of luck. The waiting game is stressful.
  7. Oh man. Now I am super worried that the IO didn’t approve my application...ugh. I remember asking him if once approved my status will change online he said “well I don’t know that’s the tech people doing their thing, but I’ll be sending a letter and it’s coming from me.” My IO did seem inexperienced however. He had another IO with him and also didn’t seem to know the answer to some questions I asked him about name change etc. I really hope he didn’t make a mistake. I mean my status changed to approved and in line for oath in both my accounts.
  8. Yeah I was the one who posted that. I just don’t know when they’ll let me know or which one I am likely to be included in. I am also getting concerned because I got a decision cannot be made during the interview. The officer said once my application is approved I will receive a letter in the mail. My status online changed to approved on 05/22 but I haven’t received an approval letter nor is there one under the document tab. So I am getting now paranoid that maybe the status change online was a mistake and I am not even approved yet. Can anyone who got a decision cannot be made during the interview but was later approved share their experience? Many thanks.
  9. Ahh I really hope not. Especially because I am planning to move the end of July and would love to get this over with instead of having to file for a change of address and complicate/delay things further... Will definitely update the thread. Best of luck on your interview!
  10. Anyone had an oath ceremony scheduled recently? My application was approved on 05/22 and I am anxious to conclude this journey and take the oath finally.
  11. Can I ask what was your estimated completion time when you were approved? And did it change after your oath was scheduled?
  12. 2 weeks + day after my interview my application has been approved. 😀
  13. Yes, I think all of our immigration history is in that. Thanks, hope so, too. Hope your oath is scheduled very soon!:)
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