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  1. Thank you! I asked them to provide a status update of my case. It took them about two weeks to reply.
  2. Finally, they sent the official interview letter for South Korea today. CC Feb 12th Interview: May 22nd The online case status still says "At NVC" Good luck to everybody. I'm sure you will receive yours, soon!
  3. I replied to your PM. Anyway, the NVC will only change the status after the official email with the letter and info package has been sent. (The email I received was just a reply from the written inquiry unit, who gave me a heads-up.)
  4. Thank you! EB2 category and they said that my May date will be confirmed in the letter which I will receive "shortly". I'll post the date when I receive the letter.
  5. Good news! Two weeks ago I did a case inquiry online, and today they (written inquiry unit) emailed me - I have an interview date scheduled for May and the official letter will be emailed to me shortly.
  6. Okay, thank you for clarifying @dxb_Indian and @KJ2 wishing everyone all the best for next week.
  7. I see. I know of a petitioner where the lawyer filed a lawsuit, specifically an APA claim, against the US government because the petition was stuck in “administrative processing” for more than 6 months. The case was immediately processed and the person got the visa.
  8. Okay, thank you. In the meantime only one or two people have posted for May. So, we just can hope for next week? Or, from your experience, they send invites in the first week of the month only?
  9. Hello all - any comment on this? Doesn't it seem to take unusually long? Thanks
  10. Hello I got my CC on Feb. 11th for EB2 category; my embassy is in Seoul - South Korea. My online case status still says "At NVC" and when I called them today they said "no interview date given yet". I see another person with EB2 in South Korea listed with CC on March 8th and waiting... Seems like there are generally delays this March as the list looks empty?
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