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  1. Anyone in Kathmandu, Nepal have interview dates coming up for spousal visa category?
  2. Yes, once the ds-260 is submitted they will check for other documents such as AOS and civil documents for completeness of the case and send a note if missing. The note says that they can't process the case because you are missing other documents. And in order to open it you need to click on the message and wait for couple of minutes. It takes time to load those messages. I was able to open the message by clicking and waiting waiting for several minutes. And maybe tried that several times and was finally able to open the message.
  3. Yeah, this doesn't make sense to me at all. And trust me, I know how you feel. Hopefully it will resolve for you all by the end of this week. Good luck with your process.
  4. I can't believe it, I just got DQ. I submitted all my AOS docs on Saturday and I got a DQ this morning. I am filled with joy. Thanks everyone for your help and support. Now waiting for the embassies to open and get the interview. Lol
  5. @Binbin22 @CGs_Mother My status changed To Paid. Hope it changed for you as well.
  6. That is just absurd. I called them and they have the same response. Supervisor is going to look into the issue. They don't even seem to care enough to look into it and fix and now we, few selected people are stuck because of this.
  7. @Binbin22 @CGs_Mother Did the AOS payment status change for you yet? Mine is the same 😕
  8. You can still fill up the i-864 form in the meantime. When the issue is resolved, all you need to do is upload all the documents.
  9. Quite a few of us (including me) have been experiencing this issue and still waiting it to be resolved. And I don't think it is normal. I think something is wrong at their end needs to be fixed by them. So far what I did was contacted NVC and they said they will have a Supervisor review my complaint. And also submitted an inquiry and a screenshot of the error at nvc.state.gov/inquiry . Because of this, the application DS 260 cannot be reviewed either so basically we are stuck. I will wait till Monday and call them again if this doesn't get resolved.
  10. Question regarding the i-864 application 1. Part 2 (Information about Principal Immigrant), the mailing address numbering 2A. Who's mailing address has to be there? Sponsor's or Principal Immigrant's? 2. I have read that we are suppose to put N/A for unanswered questions, but I can't even type '/'. So is it better to leave it blank? 3. Part 5 (Sponsor's Household Size), questions 3 to 7 does not apply to me, should I leave it blank or put 0 instead?
  11. I tried going through AskNVC route but the link does not seem to work. I will try this one as well.
  12. I was also told the same. It could take six weeks for a supervisor to review. But the lady assured me that it should be sooner. I am planning on calling them again on Monday and ask to talk to a supervisor. Hate the fact that NVC is so inefficient.
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